Native American Heritage Month

Celebrate Our Rich Culture, Traditions and History

Recognizing the significant contributions that native people have made to American society, November has been designated as Native American Heritage Month. In honor of this special occasion, watch some of our latest cultural videos and explore stories of ancestral pride with Chickasaw citizens.

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Native American Heritage Month

S2 • E10
The latest episode of Thrive honors November as Native American Heritage Month.


S5 • E3
Chickasaw history is intertwined with the story of Tupelo and it remains deeply connected to the identity and heritage of the Chickasaw people.

From the Pulpit to the Presses

S1 • E4
Activists and pillars of the community, Jesse and Vinnie May Humes effected lasting change in the Chickasaw Nation from the pulpit to the presses.

Wild Onions & Scrambled Eggs

S3 • E5
Chickasaw cook Lynie Richardson prepares a traditional seasonal favorite with foraged wild onions.


S5 • E1
With skills as sharp as his knives, Chickasaw bladesmith Daniel Worcester explains his process in crafting his artisan blades.

First Social Network

S3 • E2
Chickasaw elders have a special and sacred relationship with the church and many of their earliest memories centered around church life.

The Holisso Center

Mason Cole, Manager of Libraries, Archives and Research, The Chickasaw Cultural Center
Many visitors come to the Holisso Center passionate to learn more about the Chickasaw tribe or their ancestors.

Duck Decoys

S5 • E6
Chickasaw linguist and craftsman Joshua D. Hinson creates duck decoys that pay tribute to his Chickasaw heritage.

Three Sisters Stew

S3 • E1
Chef Steven Looney demonstrates how to prepare a healthy and filling vegetarian dish from these Chickasaw staples.

Traditional Medicine

S1 • E3
Learn about the ancient methods of traditional Chickasaw healers—and the contemporary seekers after their vanishing knowledge.

Tishomingo: The Historic Chickasaw National Capitol

S5 • E2
The Historic Chickasaw National Capitol in Tishomingo stands as a symbol of the Chickasaw Nation's fight for tribal identity and independence.


S3 • E4
Chickasaw beader Courtney Parchcorn explains different traditional beading techniques and how they tell stories.

Cyrus Harris

S1 • E2
Cyrus Harris emerged as a leader amidst the move to Indian Territory and became the first Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.

Tribal Resurgence

S3 • E2
The survival of the Chickasaw Nation as a thriving sovereign nation is a true testament of leadership, determination and cultural identity.

Bow Making

S2 • E11
Elihu says that if it wasn't for the Chickasaws' prowess with the bow and arrow, it's likely they would've been conquered by European explorers.

Chickasaw Historical Society

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Chickasaw Historical Society partners with divisions across the Nation to preserve our vibrant past.

Stomp Dancing

S3 • E3
Chickasaw dancer Julie Underwood explains the significance of traditional stomp dancing and shell shaking.

Preserving the Past

Towana Spivey
Towana Spivey is a curator, historian, archaeologist, cultural preservationist and the former director of the Fort Sill Museum.

Arrival In Indian Territory—Fort Washita

S1 • E4
Challenges encountered in Indian Territory by the newly relocated Chickasaws led to the construction of Fort Washita.

Drum Making

S2 • E9
Since the beginning of the Chickasaws, drums and rattles were used in social dances.

The Lasting Historical Impact of the Chickasaws

S1 • E1
The Chickasaws’ strong position on the Mississippi River blocked the path of French colonization.

Traditional Stories: How Day and Night Were Divided

S3 • E6
Chickasaw storyteller Lorie Carmichael gives an account of the animal council that evenly split night and day.

Turkey Calls

S3 • E5
Chickasaw master craftsman Wayne Edgar demonstrates the art of constructing and using traditional wild turkey calls.

Our Culture Survives

S3 • E3
Host Lisa Billy sits around the fire with Chickasaw elders, as they share the history of their childhood education.

Porcupine Quillwork

S5 • E3
Chickasaw bowmaker and traditional artist Eric Smith is proud to be part of the revitalization of porcupine quillwork.

Clans to Constitutions

S2 • E2
From the ancient clan system to modern constitutions, the Chickasaws have always valued sovereignty and self-governance through customs or laws.

Textile Art

S3 • E9
Chickasaw textile artist Tyra Shackleford works to preserve ancient techniques while applying them to modern objects.

Charles Carter

S1 • E3
Charles Carter was one of only 16 Native Americans elected to the United States Congress and he faithfully served the state of Oklahoma for 20 years.

Shell Carving

S5 • E5
Chickasaw artisan Howard Thompson creates stunning pieces of traditional Chickasaw art using shells as his canvas.

Chickasaw Nation Division of Historic Preservation

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Chickasaw Nation Division of Historic Preservation works to make sure stories from the original homelands are carried into future generations.


S3 • E1
Chickasaw elders sit around the fire and share stories of their childhood and past with the next generation of Chickasaw citizens.

Fish Nets

S5 • E2
Chickasaw cultural demonstrator Lori White Buffalo handcrafts fish nets to keep the traditions of her ancestors alive.

Governor Douglas Johnston

S1 • E1
In the premier episode of Chickasaw Leaders & Legacies, journey back through Chickasaw history to learn about Governor Douglas Johnston.

The Voices of Our Ancestors

S1 • E2
For centuries, Chickasaw passed down their sacred stories in their native tongue as oral histories, keeping the voices of their ancestors alive.

Growing Up With a Chickasaw Mother

Tom Cole
Tom Cole illustrates his experience of growing up with a Chickasaw mother.

Beaded Collars

S2 • E8
Chickasaw bead artist Kelly Reynolds shares her love of the traditional beaded collar.

And Our Mothers Cried

S1 • E1
For several generations of Native American children the reality of the late 19th and early 20th centuries meant separation from their families.

My Teaching Draws on Our Heritage

Margaret Roach Wheeler
Margaret Roach Wheeler explains why teaching art and incorporating Chickasaw heritage is so rewarding.

Traditional Arrows

S5 • E7
Artisan Elihu Johnson crafts traditional Chickasaw arrows and keeps the custom alive by teaching the next generation how to make them.

Inspiration from My Ancestors

Kristen Dorsey
Though Kristen Dorsey was born and raised in Los Angeles, far from the majority of her people, her Chickasaw heritage still holds great meaning.

Fine Gourd Art

S5 • E8
Chickasaw artist Donna Welch recounts her two-decade journey of crafting art from gourds.

Grape Dumplings

S3 • E4
Chef Steven Looney introduces grape dumplings, a favorite dessert among the Chickasaws and neighboring peoples.


S2 • E1
See the story of the ancient Chickasaws' versatile use of plant life in the Homeland and Indian Territory.

Pottery Burnishing

S5 • E4
Chickasaw potter Ben White mixes ancient and modern techniques to create one-of-a-kind burnished pottery.

A Foundation of Family

S3 • E4
Chickasaw elders sit around a crackling fire at Kullihoma to discuss the role that family plays in their lives.

Passing on Crafts to Family Members

Michael and Tim Cornelius
Michael Cornelius is a flute maker who specializes in crafting traditional Chickasaw flutes he constructs from river cane.


S1 • E3
Six elders talk about the Chickasaw past and the women who served as their role models.


S3 • E2
Chickasaw cook Lynie Richardson demonstrates how to make the soup that plays a central role in Chickasaw gatherings.