Public Service

Profiles of a Nation

These are the men and women that devote their lives to serving the public and its needs.

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Beaulah Shavney

A brave military veteran, treasured elder and proud Chickasaw citizen
Shavney was a proud Chickasaw woman and an original member of the Women's Army Auxiliary during World War II.

Benjamin Espinosa

A proud military serviceman with a love for his country and his tribe
Military service runs in Benjamin Espinosa's blood.

Bill Lance

A distinguished career of service dedicated to enhancing the overall quality of life of the Chickasaw people
Bill Lance is the Secretary of State for the Chickasaw Nation and is eager to share his Chickasaw heritage with the world.

Bill Scott

His selfless sacrifice is a reflection of the unconquered and unconquerable Chickasaw warrior spirit
Born in 1933, Bill Scott is a proud Korean War veteran and member of the Chickasaw Nation.

Bill Wright

A proud Chickasaw citizen and protector of Chickasaw Country
Chickasaw citizen Bill Wright, a Durant native and longtime veteran of the National Park Service, brought his skills back to Oklahoma in 2015.

Chris Kidd

Following in his family's footsteps, serving Oklahoma's 31st District
Continuing a family legacy of service to the great state of Oklahoma.

Donald Anderson

Stuntman. Model. Rancher. Army Veteran. So many stories for one life, but a single overarching theme: he's a proud Chickasaw.
From WWII veteran, oilman and rancher to stuntman, model and more, Chickasaw elder Donald Anderson has lived life to the fullest.

M. Franklin Keel

Representing the interests of Native American people at the highest levels of government
Franklin Keel has honorably represented Native Americans with integrity and distinction at the highest levels of government.

Gene Arpelar

Loving the country he served
Gene Arpelar is a Chickasaw veteran of the U.S. Navy whose time abroad deepened his love for America.

Jay & Mike Mitchell

Brothers and military servicemen who have honored their nation and their tribe
Jay & Mike Mitchell are two brothers who have honored their nation and their tribe through years of service in the Oklahoma National Guard.

Jennifer Barnes-Kerns

Chickasaw attorney and foreign service diplomat
Jennifer Barnes-Kerns is the Vice-Consul and the Political/Economic/Public Diplomacy Officer at the U.S. Consulate in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Jerry Brown

A patriotic WWII veteran with deep Chickasaw roots
Jeraldine "Jerry" Brown said it was her Chickasaw family members who taught her how to love life.

Dr. Judy Goforth Parker

A Dynamic Chickasaw Woman committed to the health of the Chickasaw Nation
Dr. Judy Goforth Parker is the Chickasaw Nation Commissioner of Health Policy.

Kevin Meeks

A public servant dedicated to helping Native communities
Long-time public servant Rear Admiral Kevin D. Meeks draws on his Chickasaw heritage to help Native communities.

Kevin Washburn

A lifetime of work advocating for the legal rights of Native American people
Chickasaw citizen Kevin Washburn has spent practically his entire adult life working on behalf of Native American nations.

Linda English Weeks

A proud understanding of what the Chickasaw people have to offer
Linda is a former administrator of the Oklahoma governor's mansion and is a strong advocate for all the wonderful things her state has to offer.

Lisa Billy

An unprecedented career in the Oklahoma House of Representatives
A former small business owner and educator, Rep. Lisa Billy, a decorated Chickasaw, now serves in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Major Matthew Neumeyer

A shining example of valor, courage and honor
From captain to major, Matthew Neumeyer is an exemplary display of the courage and fortitude found in the Chickasaws.

Nathaniel Thomas

A Navy Veteran Following God's Path
After WWII, Chickasaw citizen Nathaniel Thomas answered God's call and became a minister.

Neal McCaleb

More than 50 years dedicated to Oklahoma and the Chickasaw people
Neal McCaleb is a proud member of the Chickasaw Nation that has served the national and Oklahoma state government.

Rebecca Owens

Committed to Helping Fellow Veterans
Rebecca Owens is just one in a long line of venerable Chickasaw warrior women.

Robert Tuttle

Proud Chickasaw and trusted aide to former president Ronald Reagan
Though he has traveled all over the country and the world, Chickasaw citizen Robert Tuttle has deep roots right here in Oklahoma.

Steffani Cochran

The embodiment of what it means to be a dynamic Chickasaw woman
From Oklahoma to Washington D.C., Steffani Cochran embodies what it means to be a powerful Chickasaw woman.

T.W. Shannon

A modern-day Chickasaw warrior and public servant
Tahrohon Wayne Shannon is the state of Oklahoma's first African-American Speaker of the House.

Tewanna Edwards

A career guided by compassion and dedicated to promoting peace, equality, access and inclusion
Tewanna Edwards is a Chickasaw peacemaker and health care administrator committed to peace, inclusion and diversity.

Thelma "Chincie" Ross

Military veteran devoted to furthering the progress of the Native American people
Ross dedicated much of her life to tribal involvement and furthering the progress of the Native American people.

Tobi Young

An accomplished attorney and public servant
Tobi Young has dedicated her career to the law and the pursuit of justice, serving as a United States Supreme Court Clerk.

Tom Cole

Faithful and patriotic servant to his country and his tribe
The proud member of the Chickasaw Nation and fifth-generation Oklahoman serves as the Deputy Majority Whip.