Profiles of a Nation

They are innovators and true visionaries, advancing the progress of the Chickasaw Nation—meet our dynamic Chickasaw business leaders.

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Ashlyn Colbert

Private Equity Senior Associate and proud Chickasaw, with deep cultural roots, wants to contribute to the success of her tribe
Proud Chickasaw Ashlyn Colbert hopes to continue the path of success learned from her family and inspired by her ancestors.

Brad Scott

A proud military veteran with a distinguished entrepreneurial spirit
Chickasaw citizen Brad Scott's perseverant spirit goes deep down to his core.

Brian Campbell

A corporate professional focused on the economic success of the Chickasaw Nation
Brian Campbell has a great deal of familiarity with both major corporate and management experience.

Carl Edwards

An accomplished businessman and devoted philanthropist
As a kid, Carl Edwards spent the summers with his grandfather in Texas, learning invaluable life skills from a genuine Amarillo cattleman.

Chad Burris

Changing the perception of Native Americans through film and cinema
Chad Burris is an attorney, entrepreneur, film producer and proud member of the Chickasaw Nation.

Chris Anoatubby

A dedication to the health and wellbeing of the Chickasaw people
Chris Anoatubby is the Lieutenant Governor of the Chickasaw Nation and oldest son of Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby.

Dawn Welch

Her Chickasaw heritage and family guidance taught her to dream big and work hard
As a native Oklahoman who quickly spread her wings after graduating high school, Dawn eventually found her way home and has never looked back.

Eric Henson

He has committed his research to American Indian economic issues and development
Henson is an economic and financial analyst in oil and gas valuation with a strong interest in Native American economic development.

Ezekiel Walker

Life's work to tell genuine stories of his people
Ezekiel Walker now resides in Los Angeles and has worked as a television producer.

Hailey Nutt

Using Ingredients from the Earth to Forge a Small Business
Chickasaw citizen Hailey Nutt has turned her passion for fresh produce and community involvement into a profitable business, Tribal Juice.

Harris Penner

Owner of the oldest business continually owned and operated by one family in Oklahoma
Penner is the great-great-grandson of the first Chickasaw Nation Governor, Cyrus Harris, and is also owner of Penner Angus Ranch in Oklahoma.

Jay Keel

A deep commitment to the youth and families of the Chickasaw Nation
Jay Keel is the Secretary of Family Services for the Chickasaw Nation.

Jud Little

A legacy of love for horses and the rodeo sports
Born with a love of horses, Chickasaw citizen Jud Little cultivated that passion his entire life.

Linda English Weeks

A proud understanding of what the Chickasaw people have to offer
Linda is a former administrator of the Oklahoma governor's mansion and is a strong advocate for all the wonderful things her state has to offer.

Tom Love

Successful Chickasaw businessman with deep tribal roots
Love was the founder and CEO of the family-owned company Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores.

Dr. Traci Morris

A dedication to utilizing new in technology that contribute to the progress of Native Americans
Dr. Morris is a business owner, teacher, scholar and proud member of the Chickasaw Nation.

William G. Paul

Leading Chickasaw legal mind and devoted philanthropist
Honored by some of the most prominent people in the world, William Paul has a history rich in law and justice.