From the story of creation to the legend of the great flood, hear Chickasaw stories that have been passed down for generations.

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Traditional Stories: How Day and Night Were Divided

S3 • E6
Chickasaw storyteller Lorie Carmichael gives an account of the animal council that evenly split night and day.

The Chickasaw Migration Story

LaDonna Brown
To find their homeland, the Chickasaws and Choctaws migrated across the continent. They prayed each night for direction.

The Legend of the Great Flood

Stephanie Scott
Storyteller Stephanie Scott gives us an example of a favorite Chickasaw story.

Creation Story: The Crawfish

Stephanie Scott
Storyteller Stephanie Scott relates a legend that has been a part of the Chickasaw culture for untold generations.

The Story of Spider Brings Fire

Lona Barrick
"Spider Brings Fire" is an ancient native story of how animals risked their lives to bring fire to mankind.