Musicians & Composers


Discover the spiritual Chickasaw art of music – a passion that has resonated across generations. Experience these beautiful melodies for yourself, and meet the talented Chickasaw musicians and composers who celebrate their rich tribal heritage through song.

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Jeff Carpenter

Preserving his Chickasaw heritage through music as a member of band, Injunuity
Guitarist Jeff Carpenter is a Native American Music Award winning member of the folk/rock band, Injunuity.

Jerod Tate

Emmy Award-winning classical composer dedicated to American Indian classical composition
He is a classical composer and proud member of the Chickasaw nation dedicating his work to the development of American Indian classical composition.

Katie Barrick

A passion for music and an alumna of the Chickasaw Summer Arts Academy
Hailing from Wynnewood, Oklahoma, Chickasaw violinist Katie Barrick is a senior at Oklahoma City University (OCU) majoring in Music Business.

Michael Cornelius

Keeping the tradition of Chickasaw music and craftsmanship alive
Cornelius is a family man who practices the art of flute making to connect to the heritage of his Chickasaw ancestors.

Tim Cornelius

Bringing rivercane to life to create one-of-a-kind Native American flutes
Tim Cornelius is a family-oriented Chickasaw musician and craftsman.

Wyas Parker

Accomplished Chickasaw pianist and guitarist
As an award-winning musician, Parker has been playing instruments since he can remember.

Zach Garcia

Attributes his strong work ethic and determination to his Chickasaw heritage
Zach is an award-winning musician, a honor student, and has been a part of the Chickasaw Nation's Chikasha Apihchi Ikbia youth leadership program.