Destinations By State

Explore historical Chickasaw locations by state.

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From Indian Territory to statehood in 1907, Oklahoma served as the new home for the Chickasaws.


The state of Mississippi holds rich history for the Chickasaw tribe. The Chickasaw concluded their nomad traveling here and began to thrive.


From the Natchez Trace to Moundville, the state of Alabama served as the site for some of the Chickasaw's prehistoric origins.


Serving as a home for the Chickasaw tribe while traveling westward, Illinois provided beauty and refuge.


Tennessee is home to Pinson Mounds, a truly marvelous site. It is the largest middle woodland period mound group in the United States.


The state of Kentucky is a place to relive the past of American Indian tribes. Explore the Wickliffe Mounds and it’s connection to tribal history.


Home to the Florida Museum of Natural History, the state of Florida is a proud proponent of Native American history.