Metalworkers & Jewelers

Chickasaw metal artists express their connection to the tribe's culture through unique materials – creating elaborate metal and jewelry designs. Learn more about this beautiful Chickasaw art form.

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Courtney Parchcorn

Channeling her emotions and connecting to her Chickasaw history and culture through art
As a testament to the deep love and respect she holds for her grandfather, Chickasaw artist Courtney Parchcorn created a special piece just for him.

Daniel Worcester

Combining the ancient craft of metalworking with creative self-expression
Renowned Chickasaw bladesmith whose family heritage inspired him to become a part of the Native American art community.

Kristen Dorsey

Handcrafted pieces that mix her Chickasaw visual traditions with style from the California coast
She uses the world around her to inspire her jewelry designs that are more than just an ornament to wear and reflect her Chickasaw cultural heritage.