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Our History Is World History

4 Seasons • 15 Episodes
Stories of the Chickasaw Nation, early America and the Age of Exploration are woven together to reveal a shared narrative.


18 Episodes


S5 • E3
Chickasaw history is intertwined with the story of Tupelo and it remains deeply connected to the identity and heritage of the Chickasaw people.

Tishomingo: The Historic Chickasaw National Capitol

S5 • E2
The Historic Chickasaw National Capitol in Tishomingo stands as a symbol of the Chickasaw Nation's fight for tribal identity and independence.

Tribal Councils: Benjamin Franklin's Framework for Democracy

S5 • E1
Tribal council houses provided Benjamin Franklin and the newly independent United States a successful model of representative democracy.

Treaty of Hopewell: A Broken Promise

S2 • E4
The Treaty of Hopewell was our first treaty with the U.S.

Chickasaws as Guardians of the Valley

S3 • E1
From the early 18th century until the Revolutionary War, Chickasaw warriors served a unique role as frontier guardsmen.

Piominko & Washington: A Friendship Cut Short

S3 • E2
In the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, many tribes faced a critical shortage of ammunition, including the Chickasaws.

The Natchez Trace: An Ancient Footpath

S3 • E3
The Natchez Trace would become the artery of the young American republic.

Holding Our Own in French Louisiana

S2 • E2
France arrived in North America with dreams of wealth and empire.

Chickasaw Bluffs and Present-Day Memphis

S2 • E1
Centuries before the city of Memphis was built, the Mississippi overlook was known as the Chickasaw Bluffs.

George Colbert - War of 1812

S3 • E4
In Year Two of the War of 1812, Colonel John Coffee led 600 troops down the Natchez Trace.

A Promise from President Washington

S2 • E3
In July of 1794, Chickasaw leader Piominko and others journeyed to Philadelphia to meet with President Washington.

Payamataha's Pursuit of Peace

S4 • E3
When the Revolutionary War erupted, the Chickasaws perceived the conflict as "brothers fighting brothers."

Original Homeland in Alabama

S4 • E2
The Chickasaws lived and hunted in Alabama for thousands of years.

Davy Crockett: An Early Supporter of Tribal Sovereignty

S4 • E1
Frontiersman Davy Crockett was a neighbor to the 19th century Chickasaw Nation and saw tribal sovereignty as the foundation of this country.

The Battle of Fallen Timbers

S1 • E2
In the summer of 1791, attacks on settlers in the Northwest Territory intensified.

George Washington and the Chickasaws: A Bond of Mutual Respect

S1 • E3
Soon after the Revolutionary War, Chickasaw leaders reached out to President Washington and Congress.

Defeating De Soto in the Battle of Chicasa

S1 • E4
Forcing their way into Chickasaw territory, Hernando de Soto and his brutal band of conquistadors took over an abandoned village.

The Lasting Historical Impact of the Chickasaws

S1 • E1
The Chickasaws’ strong position on the Mississippi River blocked the path of French colonization.


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