Fish Nets

Chickasaw Culture Keepers

Nets were used by Lori White Buffalo's ancestors to catch fish and make bags. Today, the Chickasaw cultural demonstrator uses the same ancient techniques to handcraft fish nets, preserving their traditions. "Without our ancestors, keeping these crafts going, keeping our history alive, we wouldn't be where we are today," she says. As Lori demonstrates the step-by-step process of making traditional fish nets, she also explains why it's important to teach future generations about their history and culture. She says that when it's our time to step down, we need them to step up and take care of the Chickasaw Nation. "I feel very proud that I was able to learn something of my past, something of my history and culture that my ancestors did," Lori says. "And when I see my daughters out there and I'm able to start teaching them to be able to do some of these crafts, I know it makes my family proud, and it makes me proud."