Inspiration from My Ancestors

Kristen Dorsey

Though Kristen Dorsey was born and raised in Los Angeles, far from the majority of her people, her Chickasaw heritage still holds great meaning. She explains that her artwork is a conduit for the voices and stories of her ancestors— but her main inspiration comes from her Chickasaw grandfather, whose struggles in the earlier part of the century make her grateful for a world that allows her to be exactly who she is.


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Stomp Dance Gorget

Kristen Dorsey
Kirsten Dorsey's "Stomp Dance" gorget traces a path through space and time.

Metals and Techniques

Kristen Dorsey
Kristen Dorsey explains the tools of her trade: the torches, the techniques, and the dynamic metals.

Evolving As An Artist

Kristen Dorsey
From crayons to fabric to steel, Kristen Dorsey's artistic development began at a very young age.

Artist Kristen Dorsey: Finding Inspiration

The Chickasaw Southeastern Art Show & Market
The 2010 SEASAM event at Chickasaw Annual Meeting and Festival brought acclaimed Chickasaw metalsmith and jeweler Kristen Dorsey to Tishomingo.

Artist Kristen Dorsey: Symbolism of Fire and Spider

The Chickasaw Southeastern Art Show & Market
Chickasaw metalsmith and jeweler Kristen Dorsey describes the symbolism in fire and this particular piece.

April 1, 2011 – Jeweler Kristen Dorsey

Chickasaw Nation News
Kristen Dorsey is an accomplished and award-winning Chickasaw metal artist.