Profiles of a Nation

These are the matriarchs, dynamic leaders, and modern-day Chickasaw warriors – serving as the guardians of Chickasaw tradition.

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Beaulah Shavney

A brave military veteran, treasured elder and proud Chickasaw citizen
Shavney was a proud Chickasaw woman and an original member of the Women's Army Auxiliary during World War II.

Bill Scott

His selfless sacrifice is a reflection of the unconquered and unconquerable Chickasaw warrior spirit
Born in 1933, Bill Scott is a proud Korean War veteran and member of the Chickasaw Nation.

Brenda Kingery

Award-winning contemporary artist dedicated to women in the indigenous arts
Brenda Kingery is a professional artist who uses the experiences she has had to influence the subject matter for her visual stories.

Daniel Worcester

Combining the ancient craft of metalworking with creative self-expression
Renowned Chickasaw bladesmith whose family heritage inspired him to become a part of the Native American art community.

Gene Arpelar

Loving the country he served
Gene Arpelar is a Chickasaw veteran of the U.S. Navy whose time abroad deepened his love for America.

Jerry Brown

A patriotic WWII veteran with deep Chickasaw roots
Jeraldine "Jerry" Brown said it was her Chickasaw family members who taught her how to love life.

Joe F. Moore

A computing pioneer for the petroleum industry
Mr. Moore applied his knowledge of computer modeling to the process of oil refining.

Margaret Roach Wheeler

Award winning artistry using modern technology to help her with an ancient pastime
As an award-winning weaver, Margaret Wheeler balances fashion with art and her weavings have been features in museums across the United States.

Nathaniel Thomas

A Navy Veteran Following God's Path
After WWII, Chickasaw citizen Nathaniel Thomas answered God's call and became a minister.

Rose Shields-Jefferson

Treasured elder and preserver of the Chickasaw language
Rose Shields-Jefferson was born in 1944 in Talihina, Oklahoma, and is the oldest of 13 children.

Tewanna Edwards

A career guided by compassion and dedicated to promoting peace, equality, access and inclusion
Tewanna Edwards is a Chickasaw peacemaker and health care administrator committed to peace, inclusion and diversity.

Thelma "Chincie" Ross

Military veteran devoted to furthering the progress of the Native American people
Ross dedicated much of her life to tribal involvement and furthering the progress of the Native American people.