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Elders Speak

3 Seasons • 9 Episodes
"Elders Speak" explores the sharing of stories across generations in an intimate fireside setting.



S3 • E1
Chickasaw elders sit around the fire and share stories of their childhood and past with the next generation of Chickasaw citizens.


S2 • E4
Chickasaw elders share their memories of childhood and young adulthood with curious Chickasaw youth.

Ghost Stories

S2 • E3
Gathered around a glowing fire, Chickasaw elders share their memories of spooky tales, ghost stories and things that go bump in the night.


S2 • E2
Chickasaw elders share memories with their grandchildren, recount their childhoods and pass down lessons they learned from their own grandparents.

Back in the Day

S2 • E1
On the grounds of Kullihoma around a crackling fire, Chickasaw grandparents share stories from their lives with their grandchildren.


S1 • E4
Chickasaw elders recount their experiences serving their country during wartime.


S1 • E3
Six elders talk about the Chickasaw past and the women who served as their role models.

Mike Larsen Portraits

S1 • E2
Four elders discuss their life experiences and their depiction in a series of elder portraits by acclaimed Chickasaw artist Mike Larsen.

Elders Speak Premiere

S1 • E1
We honor our elders for their knowledge, wisdom, history and experience. In an intimate fireside setting, hear their priceless stories.


First Look: Kullihoma - Technology

For Chickasaw elders, Kullihoma evokes memories of a time before the internet and mobile phones.

First Look: Kullihoma

See a First Look of the new Elders Speak episode, "Kullihoma."

First Look: Elders Speak

Experience a first look at the brand-new series "Elders Speak."