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Winter Fire

3 Seasons • 9 Episodes
Winter Fire is a documentary series sharing stories related to Chickasaw history, culture, people and present-day tribal issues.


9 Episodes

Tribal Resurgence

S3 • E2
The survival of the Chickasaw Nation as a thriving sovereign nation is a true testament of leadership, determination and cultural identity.

Chickasaw Explorers 2019

S3 • E1
Historical markers can be erected and books can be written, but retracing the steps of ancestors is a powerful experience for those who walk the path.

Chickasaw Explorers 2018

S2 • E3
See the life-changing journey to the Homeland that bonded ten Chickasaw students together and strengthened the connection to their ancestors.

Clans to Constitutions

S2 • E2
From the ancient clan system to modern constitutions, the Chickasaws have always valued sovereignty and self-governance through customs or laws.


S2 • E1
See the story of the ancient Chickasaws' versatile use of plant life in the Homeland and Indian Territory.

Arrival In Indian Territory—Fort Washita

S1 • E4
Challenges encountered in Indian Territory by the newly relocated Chickasaws led to the construction of Fort Washita.

Traditional Medicine

S1 • E3
Learn about the ancient methods of traditional Chickasaw healers—and the contemporary seekers after their vanishing knowledge.

The Voices of Our Ancestors

S1 • E2
For centuries, Chickasaw passed down their sacred stories in their native tongue as oral histories, keeping the voices of their ancestors alive.

And Our Mothers Cried

S1 • E1
For several generations of Native American children the reality of the late 19th and early 20th centuries meant separation from their families.


8 Videos

First Look: Chickasaw Explorers 2018

Coming soon, journey to the homelands with a group of young Chickasaws for a life-changing experience that awakens the connection to their ancestors.

First Look: Clans to Constitutions

Coming soon, explore the clan system of the Chickasaw people, an ancient societal structure passed down from generation to generation.

First Look: Ethnobotany

Coming March 1, see the story of the ancient Chickasaws' knowledge and careful use of their homeland's plant life.

First Look: Arrival in Indian Territory—Fort Washita

1m 30s
Coming on September 11, watch how the relocated Chickasaws faced conflicts and challenges as they reestablished their homes in Indian Territory.

First Look: Traditional Medicine

Coming on June 11, learn about traditional Chickasaw healers and the contemporary seekers after their vanishing knowledge.

First Look: The Voices of Our Ancestors

1m 30s
For centuries, the spoken words of Chickasaw have carried the tribe's stories from one generation to the next.

Chickasaw.tv Preview

Get a sneak peek at new series and fresh episodes debuting in the 2017-2018 season.

First Look: And Our Mothers Cried

1m 30s
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many Native American children experienced a harsh reality.