Chickasaw Culture Keepers

In the premiere of season 5 of Thrive: Traditions, we explore the functional art of Chickasaw bladesmith Daniel Worcester. After a lifelong fascination with blades, Daniel took a class in smithing in college and was soon hooked on the craft. "I just wanted to make one piece that I would be proud of," says Daniel, when talking of his early years. Now, this renowned Chickasaw artisan breathes new life into reclaimed objects to forge his beautiful blades. "Each knife is a new experience," he says. "It's just like what we do day-by-day in life." To bring unique inspiration into his work, Daniel draws upon his Chickasaw heritage and his collaboration with fellow Chickasaw makers. With every blade forged, Daniel feels closer to his Chickasaw ancestors, hoping that bladesmithing still endures, even after he is gone.