View the works of Chickasaw sculptors who have captured the strength and bravery of the ancient Chickasaw warriors, the wisdom and fortitude of great Chickasaw leaders – and the spirit of all our people.

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Joanna Underwood Blackburn

Artistic designs inspired by ancient Native American culture
Joanna's artwork is inspired by early tribal culture and ancient designs of the Southeast.

Mike Larsen

World-renowned artist whose works honor the culture and history of the Chickasaw Nation
Mike Larsen is a world-renowned Chickasaw painter and sculptor who has created Native American art for over 40 years.

Paul C. Moore

Award-winning artists whose work is inspired by his rich tribal heritage
Chickasaw citizen and Oklahoma native Paul C. Moore is a multi-talented artist who continues to share his skills with his home state.

William Beckwith

Chickasaw artist whose work has been featured across the United States
Using only historical documents and advice provided by the Chickasaw Nation, Beckwith created a sculpture of Piominko.