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Addison Karl

S16 • E12
Contemporary visual artist Addison Karl creates thought-provoking art inspired by the perseverance and culture of his Chickasaw ancestors.

Triana Browne-Hearrell

S15 • E3
Miss Oklahoma USA 2019 Triana Browne-Hearrell is excited to continue her mission as an advocate for unity.

Ezekiel Walker

S14 • E2
Ezekiel Walker is a Chickasaw citizen and a television producer in Los Angeles.

Dustin Mater

S10 • E3
Even when he was a child, Dustin Mater knew he would be an artist.

Kortney Greenwood

S11 • E11
Since she was nine years old, Chickasaw citizen Kortney Greenwood has been writing every day.

Jeff Carpenter

S8 • E3
Jeff Carpenter offers listeners the opportunity to indulge in Native music comprised of both classical and rock elements.

Kristen Dorsey

S6 • E3
Chickasaw metalsmith, Kristen Dorsey, connects her love of craft to the pride she has for her tribal identity when she creates her jewelry.

Brent Greenwood

S6 • E5
Chickasaw artist Brent Greenwood expresses his passion for illustrating the rich and diverse culture of the Chickasaw Nation through his work.

Paul C. Moore

S10 • E1
Paul C. Moore is a Chickasaw citizen and Oklahoma native who continues to share his multitude of artistic talents with his home state.

Zach Garcia

S10 • E9
Zach is an award-winning musician, an honor student, and has been a part of the Chickasaw Nation's Chikasha Apihchi Ikbia youth leadership program.

Margaret Roach Wheeler

S4 • E2
Margaret Roach Wheeler has known she wanted to be an artist since the first grade.

Brenda Kingery

S10 • E2
Brenda Kingery is a contemporary Chickasaw artist that draws inspiration from visual images taken from her memory.

Maya Stewart

S7 • E1
Maya Stewart is a handbag designer from Washington, Oklahoma.

Mike Larsen: Chickasaw Elders Series

S5 • E1
Renowned Chickasaw Artist Mike Larsen speaks about the remarkable Chickasaw Elders project.

Chad Burris

S9 • E4
Chickasaw Chad Burris is an attorney and film producer.

Beth Perkins

S9 • E6
Beth Perkins, a proud Chickasaw and professional photographer resides in Rockaway Beach, New York.

JudyLee Oliva

S3 • E5
JudyLee Oliva explains the 13-year journey that went into the making of the theatrical production "Te Ata."

Jerod Tate

S2 • E5
Jerod Tate argues that what Indians do affects Oklahomans, and why it's appropriate and positive for Americans to be proud of their Indians.

Ryanne Jordan

S10 • E10
Ryanne Jordan has been cultivating her love of the arts since she began dancing at age 3, but her appreciation for fashion design came later.

Joshua Hinson

S7 • E6
Joshua Hinson, Director of the Department of Chickasaw Language, is passionate about language and how it emulates culture.


208 Videos

Brenda Kingery: Threads of Blessings

2m 30s
In this extended cut, see Brenda Kingery's travels to Honduras, her experience with local women to create a beautiful, hand-made banner.

April 1, 2016 – Chickasaw Bow Maker Ignites Hollywood

3m 30s
Eric Smith is a Chickasaw bow maker whose work was most recently featured in the three-time Academy Award-winning film “The Revenant."

Arts and Humanities Workshops

2m 30s
Arts have been at the center of Chickasaw culture for generations.

Chickasaw Arts Academy

3m 30s
The Chickasaw Nation founded the Summer Arts Academy in 2005 to help students of all ages discover and nurture their passion for the arts.

The ARTesian Gallery and Studios

1m 30s
The ARTesian Gallery & Studios in Sulphur, Oklahoma, offers visitors a unique way to connect with Chickasaw artists.

October 2014 - Joanna Underwood Blackburn

3m 30s
Joanna Underwood Blackburn was one of the artists who participated in the 2014 Southeastern Art Show and Market.

Dustin Mater: Artistic Vision

In this extended cut, learn about Dustin Mater's collaboration with the Pendleton Blanket Legendary Series.

Jeremy Wallace: Living Chickasaw Culture

Jeremy Wallace was a cultural instructor at the Chickasaw Cultural Center, a drummer, singer, artist and stomp dancer.

November 1, 2012 – Zach Garcia

4m 30s
Chickasaw composer Zach Garcia began taking piano lessons from his father when he was four years old.

June 1, 2012 – Te Ata Play

6m 30s
Chickasaw playwright JudyLee Oliva discusses the impact of famed Chickasaw storyteller Te Ata.

April 15, 2012 – Dustin Mater Pendleton Blanket

Chickasaw artist and designer Dustin Mater's work is featured in the new series of Pendleton Blankets.

April 1, 2012 - Kortney Greenwood

4m 30s
Kortney Greenwood is not your typical 15 year old.

The Chickasaw Language Committee

2m 30s
The Chickasaw Language Committee was organized in the 1990s and is comprised of fluent speakers appointed by the Governor.

The Origin of the Chickasaw Language

3m 30s
Chickasaw is a language of the Muskogean family of Native American languages.

Jerod Tate: Emmy Award-Winning Composer

6m 30s
Jerod Tate recently won an Emmy for his involvement in the documentary entitled "The Science of Composing."

Chickasaw Summer Arts Academy: Ryanne Jordan, Fashion Student

At 15, Ryanne demonstrated her commitment to a career in fashion by choosing to attend the Arts Academy over a mandatory cheerleading clinic.

September 15, 2011 - New Chickasaw Children's Book

Artist Jeannie Barbour and storyteller Glenda Galvan came together to create a new Chickasaw children's book.

Teaching the Chickasaw Language at Byng High School

Joshua Hinson talks about the Chickasaw language course that he teaches at Byng High School in Oklahoma.

Artwork Experience: Possum Stories and Book Covers

Joshua Hinson describes the stories he illustrates and how he incorporates the Chickasaw language into his artwork.

Linda Hogan Admires Joanna Underwood Blackburn's Pottery

1m 30s
Joanna Underwood Blackburn shares a story about Chickasaw writer Linda Hogan at the Southeastern Art Show and Market.