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Thrive: Traditions

5 Seasons • 48 Episodes
Thrive: Traditions highlights Chickasaw artisans who breathe new life into cultural traditions like basket weaving, pottery and beading.


49 Episodes

Fine Gourd Art

S5 • E8
Chickasaw artist Donna Welch recounts her two-decade journey of crafting art from gourds.

Traditional Arrows

S5 • E7
Artisan Elihu Johnson crafts traditional Chickasaw arrows and keeps the custom alive by teaching the next generation how to make them.

Duck Decoys

S5 • E6
Chickasaw linguist and craftsman Joshua D. Hinson creates duck decoys that pay tribute to his Chickasaw heritage.

Shell Carving

S5 • E5
Chickasaw artisan Howard Thompson creates stunning pieces of traditional Chickasaw art using shells as his canvas.

Pottery Burnishing

S5 • E4
Chickasaw potter Ben White mixes ancient and modern techniques to create one-of-a-kind burnished pottery.

Porcupine Quillwork

S5 • E3
Chickasaw bowmaker and traditional artist Eric Smith is proud to be part of the revitalization of porcupine quillwork.

Fish Nets

S5 • E2
Chickasaw cultural demonstrator Lori White Buffalo handcrafts fish nets to keep the traditions of her ancestors alive.


S5 • E1
With skills as sharp as his knives, Chickasaw bladesmith Daniel Worcester explains his process in crafting his artisan blades.


S4 • E12
Chickasaw textile artist Sara Herrera continues the tradition of her ancestors, creating beautiful and unique twine bags on a loom by hand.

Natural Dyes

S4 • E11
Whitney Courtney utilizes the vibrant hues found in nature to add color to handmade yarn and fabrics.

Medicine Bags

S4 • E10
Chickasaw elder Pat Greenwood Cox makes medicine bags to preserve the culture of her ancestors.

Shell Carving

S4 • E9
Chickasaw visual artist Dustin Mater tells stories through his beautiful shell carvings, a tradition passed down over thousands of years.

Stickball Sticks

S4 • E8
Chickasaw artisan Clovis Hamilton is honored and humbled to craft stickball sticks, used to play the traditional Chickasaw game.

Deer Toe Shakers

S4 • E7
Expert deer toe shaker craftsman and Chickasaw cultural demonstrator Jesse Lindsey comes from a family with a proud history of craftsmanship.


S4 • E6
For Gina Brown, pashofa is more than a dish, it's a treasured recipe, passed down from generation to generation of Chickasaw families.


S4 • E5
When photographer Jim Trosper captures the sky, stars and landscape, it helps him feel a deeper connection to nature and his Chickasaw ancestors.


S4 • E4
Chickasaw metalsmith E. Dee Tabor creates one-of-a-kind, modern pieces that evoke the spirit of the Chickasaw people.

Woven Mats

S4 • E3
Chickasaw weaver Kelley Lunsford appreciates the mathematical thinking and calming practice of creating reed mats.


S4 • E2
Chickasaw painter Margaret Dillard discusses the process and inspiration behind her artworks.

Bead Artistry

S4 • E1
Chickasaw beadwork artist Ashley Wallace makes colorful creations using skills taught to her by her grandmother.


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