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Thrive: Traditions

2 Seasons • 15 Episodes
Thrive: Traditions highlights Chickasaw artisans who breathe new life into cultural traditions like basket weaving, pottery and beading.


Shell Carving

S4 • E9
Chickasaw visual artist Dustin Mater tells stories through his beautiful shell carvings, a tradition passed down over thousands of years.

Stickball Sticks

S4 • E8
Chickasaw artisan Clovis Hamilton is honored and humbled to craft stickball sticks, used to play the traditional Chickasaw game.

Deer Toe Shakers

S4 • E7
Expert deer toe shaker craftsman and Chickasaw cultural demonstrator Jesse Lindsey comes from a family with a proud history of craftsmanship.


S4 • E6
For Gina Brown, pashofa is more than a dish, it's a treasured recipe, passed down from generation to generation of Chickasaw families.


S4 • E5
When photographer Jim Trosper captures the sky, stars and landscape, it helps him feel a deeper connection to nature and his Chickasaw ancestors.


S4 • E4
Chickasaw metalsmith E. Dee Tabor creates one-of-a-kind, modern pieces that evoke the spirit of the Chickasaw people.

Woven Mats

S4 • E3
Chickasaw weaver Kelley Lunsford appreciates the mathematical thinking and calming practice of creating reed mats.


S4 • E2
Chickasaw painter Margaret Dillard discusses the process and inspiration behind her artworks.

Bead Artistry

S4 • E1
Chickasaw beadwork artist Ashley Wallace makes colorful creations using skills taught to her by her grandmother.

The Legacy of Bow Making

S3 • E12
Chickasaw bow maker Wayne Scribner learned the craft from an elder and strives to pass it on to future generations.


S3 • E11
Chickasaw artist Susie Edgar says that she treats jewelry crafting as a form of prayer.

Quilt Making

S3 • E10
Chickasaw quilter Peggy Immohotichey describes learning how to quilt by hand and working to keep the tradition alive.

Textile Art

S3 • E9
Chickasaw textile artist Tyra Shackleford works to preserve ancient techniques while applying them to modern objects.

Bead Artisan

S3 • E8
The intricate and painstaking beadwork scenes of Chickasaw artist Steve Adamietz still celebrate imperfection.


S3 • E7
Chickasaw woodturner Vicki Somers describes the technical and spiritual dimensions of making discarded wood into art.

Traditional Stories: How Day and Night Were Divided

S3 • E6
Chickasaw storyteller Lorie Carmichael gives an account of the animal council that evenly split night and day.

Turkey Calls

S3 • E5
Chickasaw master craftsman Wayne Edgar demonstrates the art of constructing and using traditional wild turkey calls.


S3 • E4
Chickasaw beader Courtney Parchcorn explains different traditional beading techniques and how they tell stories.

Stomp Dancing

S3 • E3
Chickasaw dancer Julie Underwood explains the significance of traditional stomp dancing and shell shaking.

Flint Knapping

S3 • E2
Chickasaw flint knapper Matthew Griffin's love of archaeology led him to start crafting his own stone tools using traditional methods.


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