History Timeline

The Chickasaw Nation from Prehistory to the Present Day

Explore the rich history of the Chickasaw Nation.

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This era spans our ancestors' discovery of stone tools to the rise and fall of prehistoric cities and the beginning of the clan system.


The end of the Mississippi era was marked by the Europeans' arrival to what they called the "New World."

Nations Collide

The Chickasaws enter into an alliance with the British, ensuring their survival in a looming battle with other Nations.

Early America

As the British gained their edge over France, colonists began pressing for independence. The Revolutionary War confounded the Chickasaws.


Chickasaws' lives in their ancestral homelands drew to a sorrowful close.

Territorial Era

Astute leadership and strategic negotiating put the Chickasaws in charge of their own removal, faring far better than the first four southeast tribes.

A New State

Oklahoma reached statehood in 1907, but tribal rights for the Chickasaw were retained in the new constitution.

Reasserting Sovereignty

With the leadership of President Richard Nixon, tribal nations were once again able to assert their sovereignty.


Through centuries of struggle, the Chickasaw remained an unconquered people.