Singers & Dancers

Meet the performers who convey their proud Chickasaw legacy through song and dance. Celebrate the expressive Chickasaw performing arts and experience the spiritual side of this great Indian Nation as it unfolds before you.

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Jeremy Wallace

Passing down Chickasaw cultural beliefs, customs and traditions to future generations
Wallace was a cultural instructor, musician, and performer at the Chickasaw Cultural Center and a member of the Chickasaw Dance Troupe.

Ryanne Jordan

A passion for fashion and textile design
Ryanne Jordan has been cultivating her love of the arts since she began dancing at age 3, but her appreciation for fashion design came later.

Tabitha Fair

Best-selling vocalist influenced by her Oklahoma roots
Tabitha Fair is a successful Chickasaw pop, country and gospel singer who has been flexing her vocal chords since the tender age of 11.