Tishomingo: The Historic Chickasaw National Capitol

Discover How the World Came to Our Door

The history of the Chickasaw people is one of strength and resilience in the face of adversity. In the 1500s, Chickasaw warriors bravely expelled the conquistador Hernando De Soto and the Spanish army. Two centuries later, when French troops and their allies converged on Chickasaw villages, the Chickasaws defeated France in a pivotal war. In the decades to come, the United States government would allow settlers to invade the Chickasaw ancestral Homeland, forcing the tribe to make the painful yet necessary decision to remove to Indian Territory. In this new home, the Chickasaw Nation established a council house and created a new constitution, but once again, the United States government concluded that Indian nations had no place in America’s future—not even in Indian Territory. With Oklahoma statehood on the horizon, the Chickasaw people persevered and built a grand new capitol building to serve as the seat of a government determined to weather an uncertain future. Today, the Historic Chickasaw National Capitol stands as a symbol of the Chickasaw people, whose resilience in upholding honored customs and a proud cultural identity endures, Unconquered and Unconquerable.