Painters & Illustrators

Explore the American Indian art disciplines of painting and illustrating in-depth. Hear the inspiring stories behind these works of art, which will broaden your understanding and instill a sense of pride for the Chickasaw culture.

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Brenda Kingery

Award-winning contemporary artist dedicated to women in the indigenous arts
Brenda Kingery is a professional artist who uses the experiences she has had to influence the subject matter for her visual stories.

Brent Greenwood

Incorporating early tribal history with contemporary design elements to breathe life into his art
He is an award-winning contemporary artist of Chickasaw and Ponca heritage.

Dustin Mater

 A lifetime cultivating artistic talent to beautifully represent Chickasaw history and culture
Dustin has spent a lifetime cultivating his skills in graphic representation.

Jeannie Barbour

An incredible talent for bringing Chickasaw heritage and culture to life through her artwork
Barbour is a Chickasaw artist working as a professional artist, illustrator and writer.

Joshua D. Hinson

A lifelong dedication to the perpetuation of the Chickasaw language
Joshua D. Hinson is a Chickasaw linguist, artist and cultural historian dedicated to the perpetuation of the Chickasaw language.

Mike Larsen

World-renowned artist whose works honor the culture and history of the Chickasaw Nation
Mike Larsen is a world-renowned Chickasaw painter and sculptor who has created Native American art for over 40 years.

Tracie Tuck-Davis

Using ancient symbols or designs in her art to reconnect with her Chickasaw ancestors
Tracie, a historical artist, uses her art as a way to reconnect with her Chickasaw ancestors.