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Chickasaw Leaders & Legacies

1 Season • 1 Episode
A series of historical and contemporary video biographies about the men and women who have left an indelible stamp on the Chickasaw Nation.

Our History Is World History

4 Seasons • 15 Episodes
Stories of the Chickasaw Nation, early America and the Age of Exploration are woven together to reveal a shared narrative.

Feature Films

1 Season • 1 Episode
Explore the compelling narrative feature films created by Chickasaw Nation Productions.

Chickasaw Heritage Series

2 Seasons • 2 Episodes
This documentary series explores the outstanding lives and events that marked the history of the Chickasaw Nation.

Winter Fire

2 Seasons • 6 Episodes
Winter Fire is a documentary series sharing stories related to Chickasaw history, culture, people and present-day tribal issues.

Elders Speak

1 Season • 2 Episodes
"Elders Speak" explores the sharing of stories across generations in an intimate fireside setting.


Clans to Constitutions

S2 • E2
From the ancient clan system to modern constitutions, the Chickasaws have always valued sovereignty and self-governance through customs or laws.


S2 • E1
See the story of the ancient Chickasaws' versatile use of plant life in the Homeland and Indian Territory.


S1 • E4
Chickasaw elders recount their experiences serving their country during wartime.


S1 • E1
Experience the early days of Chickasaw stunt pilot Pearl Carter Scott and see her wrestle to decide between family and adventure.

Pearl Carter Scott: On Top of the World

S1 • E1
Pearl Carter Scott lived a pathbreaking life as a stunt pilot, which she gave up in order to serve her family and community.

First Encounter

S2 • E2
Witness the Chickasaws' first contact with European explorers, in the person of conquistador Hernando de Soto.


S1 • E3
Six elders talk about the Chickasaw past and the women who served as their role models.

Cyrus Harris

S1 • E2
Cyrus Harris emerged as a leader amidst the move to Indian Territory and became the first Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.

Arrival In Indian Territory—Fort Washita

S1 • E4
Challenges encountered in Indian Territory by the newly relocated Chickasaws led to the construction of Fort Washita.

Traditional Medicine

S1 • E3
Learn about the ancient methods of traditional Chickasaw healers—and the contemporary seekers after their vanishing knowledge.

Mike Larsen Portraits

S1 • E2
Four elders discuss their life experiences and their depiction in a series of elder portraits by acclaimed Chickasaw artist Mike Larsen.

Elders Speak Premiere

S1 • E1
We honor our elders for their knowledge, wisdom, history and experience. In an intimate fireside setting, hear their priceless stories.

Treaty of Hopewell: A Broken Promise

S2 • E4
The Treaty of Hopewell was our first treaty with the U.S.

Chickasaws as Guardians of the Valley

S3 • E1
From the early 18th century until the Revolutionary War, Chickasaw warriors served a unique role as frontier guardsmen.

Piominko & Washington: A Friendship Cut Short

S3 • E2
In the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, many tribes faced a critical shortage of ammunition, including the Chickasaws.

The Natchez Trace: An Ancient Footpath

S3 • E3
The Natchez Trace would become the artery of the young American republic.

Holding Our Own in French Louisiana

S2 • E2
France arrived in North America with dreams of wealth and empire.

Chickasaw Bluffs and Present-Day Memphis

S2 • E1
Centuries before the city of Memphis was built, the Mississippi overlook was known as the Chickasaw Bluffs.

George Colbert - War of 1812

S3 • E4
In Year Two of the War of 1812, Colonel John Coffee led 600 troops down the Natchez Trace.

The Voices of Our Ancestors

S1 • E2
For centuries, Chickasaw passed down their sacred stories in their native tongue as oral histories, keeping the voices of their ancestors alive.


First Look: Chickasaw Explorers 2018

Coming soon, journey to the homelands with a group of young Chickasaws for a life-changing experience that awakens the connection to their ancestors.

First Look: Clans to Constitutions

Coming soon, explore the clan system of the Chickasaw people, an ancient societal structure passed down from generation to generation.

First Look: Ethnobotany

Coming March 1, see the story of the ancient Chickasaws' knowledge and careful use of their homeland's plant life.

Music Video: Te Ata

4m 30s
This music video for "Toward the Rising Sun" showcases footage from the feature film Te Ata.

First Look: Cyrus Harris

Available October 9, hear the story of how Cyrus Harris rose to become the first Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.

First Look: Arrival in Indian Territory—Fort Washita

1m 30s
Coming on September 11, watch how the relocated Chickasaws faced conflicts and challenges as they reestablished their homes in Indian Territory.

First Look: Traditional Medicine

Coming on June 11, learn about traditional Chickasaw healers and the contemporary seekers after their vanishing knowledge.

Chickasaw Historical Society

2m 30s
The Chickasaw Historical Society partners with divisions across the Nation to preserve our vibrant past.

First Look: Elders Speak

Experience a first look at the brand-new series "Elders Speak."

First Look: The Voices of Our Ancestors

1m 30s
For centuries, the spoken words of Chickasaw have carried the tribe's stories from one generation to the next.

First Look: Governor Douglas Johnston

See an exclusive first look at the premier episode of the new series Chickasaw Leaders & Legacies, entitled "Governor Douglas Johnston."

First Look: And Our Mothers Cried

1m 30s
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many Native American children experienced a harsh reality.

Chickasaw Nation Division of Historic Preservation

2m 30s
The Chickasaw Nation Division of Historic Preservation works to make sure stories from the original homelands are carried into future generations.

Chickasaw White House

2m 30s
Take a look into the Chickasaw White House, an 1895 Victorian home that acted as the private residence for Chickasaw Gov. Douglas H. Johnston.

Indian Removal: Our Story

American history tells the story of the Trail of Tears.

Traditional Chickasaw National Capitol

3m 30s
The Chickasaw Nation's original capitol building in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, is a stately museum that has hosted visitors from all over the world.