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4 Episodes

From the Pulpit to the Presses

S1 • E4
Activists and pillars of the community, Jesse and Vinnie May Humes effected lasting change in the Chickasaw Nation from the pulpit to the presses.

Charles Carter

S1 • E3
Charles Carter was one of only 16 Native Americans elected to the United States Congress and he faithfully served the state of Oklahoma for 20 years.

Governor Douglas Johnston

S1 • E1
In the premier episode of Chickasaw Leaders & Legacies, journey back through Chickasaw history to learn about Governor Douglas Johnston.

Cyrus Harris

S1 • E2
Cyrus Harris emerged as a leader amidst the move to Indian Territory and became the first Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.


89 Videos

Battle of Ackia: Bienville Arrives a Month Late

Brad Lieb
The anticipated attack by the French surge from the South led by Governor Bienville, arrived a month late.

The Battle Between Colonists and the British: "Brothers Fighting Brothers"

Brad Lieb
As the American Revolution developed in the east, the Chickasaws did not get involved much, and were somewhat confused by the conflict.

The Chickasaws' Surprise Night Attack: A Decisive Defeat

Richard Green
Tribal Historian Richard Green tells the remarkable story of how, on the eve of de Soto’s departure the Chickasaws famously attacked.

Beneficial Partnerships

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce
Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce, says the Chickasaw Nation has enjoyed favorable partnerships with state and local communities.

First Look: Governor Douglas Johnston

Chickasaw Leaders & Legacies
See an exclusive first look at the premier episode of the new series Chickasaw Leaders & Legacies, entitled "Governor Douglas Johnston."

The Chickasaws' Early Meetings with the French and British

Brad Lieb
After migrating north up the Black Prairie, the Chickasaws again encountered European explorers, this time the French, around 1680.

"A Nation in Transition": Gov. Douglas Johnston

Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham, Director of Native American Studies, University of Oklahoma
Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham discusses this book by Michael Lovegrove, a professor at Rose State College in Oklahoma City.

Indian Removal to the Wild West

Neal McCaleb, Ambassador At-Large, Chickasaw Nation
After valiantly standing beside him in the War of 1812, the Chickasaw and other tribes were soon betrayed by President Andrew Jackson.

Ackia: The Ill-Fated French Attacks

Julian Prince
Julian Prince authored the historical novel, "Ackia" around the elaborate French plan to crush the Chickasaws.

Chickasaws Complete the de Soto Story

Scott Pardue
Scott Pardue believes it is important for the Chickasaws to share their perspective of de Soto.

The Significance of de Soto

Scott Pardue
Scott Pardue shares the significance of de Soto's exploration throughout the Southeastern United States.

Chickasaws: Signatories to the Choctaw Removal Treaty

Stephen H. Greetham, Executive Officer & General Counsel, Chickasaw Nation
Stephen Greetham describes the circumstances that led the Chickasaws to sign the Choctaw Removal Treaty, or the 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.

November 2011 - The Chickasaw White House

Chickasaw Nation News
The Chickasaw White House in Milburn, Oklahoma was built in 1895 by Chickasaw Governor Douglas Johnston and was home to his family from 1898-1971.

The Chickasaws: Dilemma in Aligning with the British

Richard Green
Richard Green describes how the British traders had established the trading relationship with other tribes.

La Salle Claims Vast Lands for France

Richard Green
Richard Green relates the story of the French explorer La Salle claiming much of the North American continent for France, without taking any action.