Chickasaw Warriors

A Chickasaw Storytellers' Series

The indomitable spirit of the legendary Chickasaw warrior has been woven into the fabric of Chickasaw tradition since before the beginning of recorded history. In this episode of Winter Fire, discover the ancient practices, like wrapping newborns in animal skins and teaching weaponry from a young age, that fostered the innate spirit of tenacity and bravery that lives on in today's Chickasaw soldiers. Learn why Chickasaws are known for not only their physical feats in battle, but for their war strategy as well, which contributed to the success of the American Revolution. From battles with Spanish explorers nearly 500 years ago to modern-day war heroes, Chickasaws have always embodied fearlessness, pride in their homeland and an honorable dedication to protecting what they love. Today, Chickasaw service members continue to protect their fellow Americans and serve their country proudly. Discover the unconquerable spirit and unbreakable chain that connects generations of heroic Chickasaw warriors.