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5 Episodes

William Paul

S2 • E3
William Paul explains the Chickasaw court system — with special emphasis on the Peacemaking Court.

Towana Spivey

S8 • E6
Towana Spivey is a curator, historian, archaeologist, cultural preservationist and the former director of the Fort Sill Museum.

John Herrington: Chickasaw Determination

S5 • E7
Astronaut John Herrington speaks about the pride he feels for his Chickasaw heritage, and the importance of diligence in the face of adversity.

Mike Larsen: Chickasaw Elders Series

S5 • E1
Renowned Chickasaw Artist Mike Larsen speaks about the remarkable Chickasaw Elders project.

Daniel Worcester

S6 • E2
Watch as Chickasaw bladesmith Daniel Worcester explains his artistic process and turns found objects into one-of-a-kind treasures.


29 Videos

Cyrus Harris: Hall of Fame

4m 30s
Cyrus Harris was the first governor of the Chickasaw Nation and was an integral part in the implementation of the first Chickasaw government.

Levi Colbert: Hall of Fame

Levi Colbert, or Itte-wamba Mingo in Chickasaw, was born in 1759 to James Colbert and his full-blood Chickasaw wife, Minta Hoye.

Towana Spivey: Hall of Fame

Towana Spivey has utilized his lifelong love of history to benefit American Indian tribes across Oklahoma.

Charles Tate: Hall of Fame

5m 30s
Charles Tate was born in 1940 in Ardmore, OK and is a descendent of Edmund Pickens and Cyrus Harris.

Tishominko: Hall of Fame

6m 30s
Born in Mississippi, Chickasaw leader Tishominko has come to be remembered as one of the last great minkos of the Chickasaws.

Jess Green: Hall of Fame

Jess Green honorably represented the Chickasaw Nation through years of practicing law on behalf of Native American tribes nationwide.

Robert Perry: Hall of Fame

6m 30s
Robert Perry was elected to the Chickasaw Advisory Council in 1965 during the Chickasaw Annual Meeting.

Mary McClendon "Ataloa": Hall of Fame

Ataloa was a nationally renowned concert vocalist, educator and advocate for Native American education and fine arts.

Gene Underwood: Hall of Fame

4m 30s
Gene Underwood was born on April 5, 1934, near Tishomingo, Oklahoma, to parents Joe and Mary Underwood.

James Amerson: Hall of Fame

A self-employed engineer, James Amerson served as director of Oklahoma Boy's State and as a coach.

Hall of Fame Ceremony, 2010

1h 0m 30s
In 2010, the Chickasaw Nation continued its tradition of honoring individuals who have made great and noble contributions to the Nation.

Zane Browning: Hall of Fame

Zane Browning began his career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs at age 19.

Robert Stephens: Hall of Fame

Robert R. Stephens served on the original steering committee which wrote the by-laws of the Chickasaw Nation in 1978.

Juanita Tate: Hall of Fame

4m 30s
Born in Ardmore, Oklahoma, on September 10, 1910, to Guy Keel and Lula Potts Keel, Juanita was the tenth of 12 children.

Pauline Brown: Hall of Fame

Pauline Carpenter Brown is a fluent speaker of the Chickasaw language and has considerable knowledge of Chickasaw history and culture.

Winchester Colbert: Hall of Fame

3m 30s
Born in the Chickasaw homeland in 1810, Winchester Colbert was the youngest member of the Levi Colbert family.

Colbert Hackler: Hall of Fame

Colbert Franklin Hackler was born in 1918 in Mannsville, Oklahoma.

Ray McCarter: Hall of Fame

Born in Duncan, Oklahoma, on October 2, 1946, Ray picked up the role of leader early in life as he helped provide for his younger brother.

Linda Hogan: Hall of Fame

4m 30s
Linda Henderson Hogan is an award-winning poet, short-story writer, novelist, playwright and essayist.

Charles Carter: Hall of Fame

4m 30s
Born in Boggy Depot in 1868, Charles Carter was one of the first elected to represent Oklahoma in the U.S. Congress.


92 Profiles

Lynn Moroney

Famous for her rich Chickasaw heritage and vivid storytelling
Lynn Moroney was born in 1935 in Duncan, Oklahoma, and currently resides in Wilmette, Illinois.

Dr. Margaret Flansburg

Celebrated art historian and philanthropist who has never lost sight of her Chickasaw heritage
Dr. Margaret Flansburg, a celebrated art historian and philanthropist, was born and raised in Duncan, Oklahoma.

Jack Brisco

One of the most honored professional wrestlers of all time
Freddie Joe "Jack" Brisco would go on to be one of the most honored professional wrestlers of all time.

Judge George Dixie Colbert

A lifelong commitment to using his law degree to serve the Chickasaw Nation and its people
Judge Colbert was a man of integrity who dedicated his life to the service of his country, family, the judicial process and the Chickasaw Nation.

Floyd Gerald "Gerry" Brisco

Leading Chickasaw athlete who helped make professional wrestling a global business
Floyd Gerald "Gerry" Brisco was born Sept. 19, 1946, in Seminole, Oklahoma.

Rev. Jefferson Davis "Sonny" Frazier

A passion for helping Native American students achieve their educational goals
Jefferson Davis "Sonny" Frazier was born in 1946 in Stonewall, Oklahoma.

Homer Paul

A successful banker, proud veteran and active philanthropist
Homer Paul was born in 1932 and raised on his family’s farm southwest of Pauls Valley, the town that bears his family's name.

Rose Shields-Jefferson

Treasured elder and preserver of the Chickasaw language
Rose Shields-Jefferson was born in 1944 in Talihina, Oklahoma, and is the oldest of 13 children.

Colbert Ashalatubbi Burris

Honored for his significant contributions towards the betterment of the Chickasaw people
This Chickasaw official worked diligently to further the progress of the Chickasaw Nation throughout his entire life.

Charles William Blackwell

The first Ambassador of the Chickasaw Nation to the United States
Charles William Blackwell was born in El Reno, OK, in 1942, was raised in Tishomingo, near the Blue River and lived in several other small towns.

Margaret Roach Wheeler

Award winning artistry using modern technology to help her with an ancient pastime
As an award-winning weaver, Margaret Wheeler balances fashion with art and her weavings have been features in museums across the United States.

Neal McCaleb

More than 50 years dedicated to Oklahoma and the Chickasaw people
Neal McCaleb is a proud member of the Chickasaw Nation that has served the national and Oklahoma state government.

Samuel Paul

A proud Chickasaw who defended those who couldn't defend themselves
Paul held many important positions within the Chickasaw Nation defending those who could not defend themselves.

Overton M. Buck Cheadle

Hall-of-fame coach, World War II veteran and public servant to the Chickasaw Nation
Cheadle was born the grandson of fellow Chickasaw Hall of Famer Martin Van Buren and went on to serve the Chickasaw Nation throughout his life.

Silas C. Wolf, Jr.

A deep commitment to the education of young Native Americans
Silas C. Wolf was born in 1949 in Los Angeles, though he's lived in Oklahoma since the age of two.

James A. Jennings

A proud member of the Chickasaw Nation who dedicated himself to preserving the tribe's history
Jennings is the great-grandson of Chickasaw leader Levi Colbert and dedicated much of his life's work to preserving the tribe's history.

Stanley M. Speaks

A lifetime of work dedicated to the betterment of Native Americans
Speaks is currently the regional director for the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Northwest Regional office in Portland, Oregon.

Kenneth Meeler

A key figure in helping create the first Chickasaw Constitution
Meeler was an important figure in Chickasaw history and was key in helping create the first Chickasaw Constitution.

Governor Overton James

After first being appointed governor by John F. Kennedy, he was elected to the position four times
James served in the U.S. Navy before returning to Oklahoma and later being appointed by President John F. Kennedy as Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.

Dr. Glen D. Johnson, Jr.

Distinguished politician who has dedicated himself to quality education for Oklahomans
Johnson has had a long political career in Oklahoma City and strongly advocates for the importance of higher education.