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5 Episodes

William Paul

S2 • E3
William Paul explains the Chickasaw court system — with special emphasis on the Peacemaking Court.

Mike Larsen: Chickasaw Elders Series

S5 • E1
Renowned Chickasaw Artist Mike Larsen speaks about the remarkable Chickasaw Elders project.

John Herrington: Chickasaw Determination

S5 • E7
Astronaut John Herrington speaks about the pride he feels for his Chickasaw heritage, and the importance of diligence in the face of adversity.

Daniel Worcester

S6 • E2
Watch as Chickasaw bladesmith Daniel Worcester explains his artistic process and turns found objects into one-of-a-kind treasures.

Towana Spivey

S8 • E6
Towana Spivey is a curator, historian, archaeologist, cultural preservationist and the former director of the Fort Sill Museum.


28 Videos

Neal McCaleb: My Story

Neal McCaleb
Oklahoma has over a century of statehood history and Neal McCaleb has roots there that go down deep.

John Herrington: Advice to Children

Meet Our People – The Enduring Spirit of the Chickasaw Nation
John Herrington, the first enrolled Native American member in space, encourages children to recognize the importance of following their dreams.

John Herrington: I Dreamed of Being an Astronaut

Meet Our People – The Enduring Spirit of the Chickasaw Nation
John Herrington tells the story of how he came to be an astronaut, and describes the adventure of being in space.

Neal McCaleb: Tribal Contributions

Meet Our People – The Enduring Spirit of the Chickasaw Nation
Neal McCaleb discusses the ways in which tribal governments have become major players in healthcare, business and other fields.

William Paul: Chickasaw Heritage a Treasure

Meet Our People – The Enduring Spirit of the Chickasaw Nation
He talks about how his Chickasaw heritage helped convince the people that were going to elect him that he would be the best person for the job.

September 2010 – Chickasaw Hall of Fame Ceremony

Chickasaw Nation News
In 2010, the Chickasaw Nation continued its tradition of honoring individuals who have made great and noble contributions to the Nation.

Helen Cole

Mason Cole
Native American Republican in the Oklahoma Senate, Helen Cole had a lot to overcome to achieve her dreams.

Hall of Fame Ceremony, 2010

The Chickasaw Nation
In 2010, the Chickasaw Nation continued its tradition of honoring individuals who have made great and noble contributions to the Nation.

Winchester Colbert: Hall of Fame

2008 Inductee
Born in the Chickasaw homeland in 1810, Winchester Colbert was the youngest member of the Levi Colbert family.

Linda Hogan: Hall of Fame

2007 Inductee
Linda Henderson Hogan is an award-winning poet, short-story writer, novelist, playwright and essayist.

Zane Browning: Hall of Fame

2007 Inductee
Zane Browning began his career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs at age 19.

Colbert Hackler: Hall of Fame

2010 Inductee
Colbert Franklin Hackler was born in 1918 in Mannsville, Oklahoma.

Charles Carter: Hall of Fame

2006 Inductee
Born in Boggy Depot in 1868, Charles Carter was one of the first elected to represent Oklahoma in the U.S. Congress.

Mary McClendon "Ataloa": Hall of Fame

2006 Inductee
Ataloa was a nationally renowned concert vocalist, educator and advocate for Native American education and fine arts.

Robert Stephens: Hall of Fame

2007 Inductee
Robert R. Stephens served on the original steering committee which wrote the by-laws of the Chickasaw Nation in 1978.

Pauline Brown: Hall of Fame

2007 Inductee
Pauline Carpenter Brown is a fluent speaker of the Chickasaw language and has considerable knowledge of Chickasaw history and culture.

Ray McCarter: Hall of Fame

2008 Inductee
Born in Duncan, Oklahoma, on October 2, 1946, Ray picked up the role of leader early in life as he helped provide for his younger brother.

Piominko: Hall of Fame

2010 Inductee
Piominko served Chickasaws during the 18th century. He was born around 1750 at Chokkilissa' - Old Town, Mississippi.

Gene Underwood: Hall of Fame

2008 Inductee
Gene Underwood was born on April 5, 1934, near Tishomingo, Oklahoma, to parents Joe and Mary Underwood.

Margaret Roach Wheeler: Hall of Fame

2010 Inductee
Margaret Roach Wheeler is an award-winning weaver, fiber expert and textile artist.


97 Profiles

Elba "Cutchie" Johnston

A lifetime serving the Chickasaw people in an effort to preserve the Chickasaw culture
Johnston spent her lifetime serving the Chickasaw people as a musical artist and as a volunteer for her community and church.

Adam Charles Walker

A master artist and craftsman who dedicated his life to preserving the Chickasaw culture
Walker committed his life to the preservation of the Chickasaw culture, and was honored for it in 1997.

Benson Pikey

A prominent public servant who established Pikey's Crossing
Pikey was an active member in the Chickasaw House of Representatives, and established Pikey's Crossing.

Betty Ruth Kemp

Career librarian with a passion for educating others about Chickasaw history
She spent most of her career as a librarian, with the intent of educating others about Chickasaw history.

Catherine Pickens Willmond

A passionate preserver of the Chickasaw language
An author and professor, Catherine Willmond is a prominent Chickasaw who teaches the language of her tribe.

Charles David Carter

The first person to represent Oklahoma's Fourth District in the U.S. House of Representatives
Carter was the first person to represent Oklahoma's Fourth District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Charles Guy Tate

Lifelong protector of Native American rights and a stoic defender of Indian law
In 1987, Charles was elected as a tribal judge for the Chickasaw Nation. He then served on the Court of Indian Offenses until 2006.

Chenena James Roach

Instrumental in the creation of the first published Chickasaw dictionary
Roach was a driving force behind the preservation of Chickasaw culture and history.


This influential Chickasaw is remembered as one of the last great minkos
Tishominko was admired for his integrity and wisdom, and he was a well-respected leader.

Governor Douglas H. Johnston

The first Chickasaw governor to be appointed by the president of the United States
Johnston was the very first governor to be appointed by the president of the United States and served as the Chickasaw governor for over 30 years.

Clayburn Straughn

A self-taught artist who honed his skills using Oklahoma clay straight from the earth
This renowned sculptor of Chickasaw heritage has work exhibited in various collections throughout the country.

Colbert Ashalatubbi Burris

Honored for his significant contributions towards the betterment of the Chickasaw people
This Chickasaw official worked diligently to further the progress of the Chickasaw Nation throughout his entire life.

Colbert F. Hackler

Cherished elder who used his talents and passion for music to pursue a career in music education
He is a Chickasaw music educator and performing violinist musician whose career spanned over 60 years.

Colbert Latimer "Bud" Baker

Embodied the entrepreneurial spirit of his heritage by leading his family-owned company
He is the founder of Chickasaw Distributors, Inc., an officially recognized Native American company.

Tom Cole

Faithful and patriotic servant to his country and his tribe
The proud member of the Chickasaw Nation and fifth-generation Oklahoman serves as the Deputy Majority Whip.

Zane Browning

Public servant who returned the official seal of the Chickasaw Nation back to the tribe
Browning began his career at the Bureau of Indian Affairs and served as superintendent of a local BIA agency from 1979 to 1993.

William G. Paul

Leading Chickasaw legal mind and devoted philanthropist
Honored by some of the most prominent people in the world, William Paul has a history rich in law and justice.

Daniel Worcester

Combining the ancient craft of metalworking with creative self-expression
Renowned Chickasaw bladesmith whose family heritage inspired him to become a part of the Native American art community.

David R. Stout

A decorated war hero and distinguished public servant
A former chairman of the Chickasaw tribal legislature who was awarded various military honors and later joined the National Guard.

Edgar Allen Asbury, Junior

A courageous military serviceman honored for his selfless acts of courage
He was a proud Chickasaw and decorated member of the military who was awarded a Bronze Arrowhead, Battle Stars and a Purple Heart for his service.