Chickasaw Explorers 2018

A Chickasaw Storytellers' Series

To feel the history of your people is a profound experience, whether it's walking the same path your ancestors walked, digging in the same earth where they lived for centuries, or holding an artifact in your hand that they once used. Each summer, the Chickasaw Explorers program makes this possible by taking a group of young Chickasaws to the Homeland for a two-week, immersive archaeological experience. In the summer of 2018, ten Chickasaw students boarded a bus bound for the Chickasaw Homeland. Working with students from the University of Mississippi's Field School in Archaeology and the University of Florida, these modern explorers searched for unearthed fragments of early Chickasaw life, buried under layers and layers of time. It was a life-changing journey of new experience, new awareness and self-discovery that bonded them together and awakened their connection to their Chickasaw ancestors.