Bienville Guided by Choctaws

Brad Lieb

Though he demanded to be taken to the Natchez village, Bienville wrote that the Choctaw guides led him “to and fro,” perhaps in an attempt to confuse the French and fulfill their own agenda against the Chickasaws by targeting other, more accessible villages.


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The anticipated attack by the French surge from the South led by Governor Bienville, arrived a month late.

Bienville Attacks Ackia, the Longtown Cluster

Brad Lieb
Under pressure from Choctaw guides with their own agenda, Bienville ordered an attack on the Chickasaw Longtown Cluster of villages.

Battle of Ackia: Bienville Retreats

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With the odds stacked against them at the small village of Ackia, the Chickasaws managed to force Bienville and his men to retreat.

The French Plan to Colonize French Louisiana

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Richard Green describes how this ambition put the French in direct competition with the British who were by this time aligned with the Chickasaws.

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Tribal historian Richard Green describes how the French, after losing battles with the Chickasaws, decided to attack them via surrogates.