Chickasaw Women Making History

Witness the Power of Chickasaw Women

March is Women's History Month, an annual event that highlights the contributions of women everywhere to important moments in history and contemporary society. Here, experience the particular strength of Chickasaw women, and join us for the whole month of March in celebrating the wonderful women of the Nation. For more information, visit

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Rose Shields-Jefferson

S16 • E5
Chickasaw elder Rose Shields-Jefferson dedicates her time and her efforts to the preservation of Chickasaw language, history and culture.

Tobi Young

S16 • E4
Tobi Young is humbled to have served as a United States Supreme Court Clerk and credits her success to her Chickasaw and Oklahoma roots.

Chickasaw Princesses

S16 • E3
Since 1963, Chickasaw princesses, past and present, are a proud part of Chickasaw heritage.

Rose Shields-Jefferson

S2 • E1
With fewer than 50 native Chickasaw speakers left, Rose Shields-Jefferson has made it her mission to preserve her language and culture.

Triana Browne-Hearrell

S1 • E8
Miss USA, Second Runner-Up, Triana Browne-Hearrell, overcame early health setbacks and has been an advocate for bridging the cultural divide.

Terri Reams & Rebecca Owens

S1 • E5
Terri Reams and Rebecca Owens proudly serve their tribe and their country, continuing the legacy of the fierce Chickasaw female warriors before them.

Brenda Kingery

S1 • E4
A visit to Honduras changed the life of Chickasaw contemporary artist Brenda Kingery and inspired her to empower women around the world.

Rachel Scott

S1 • E2
At age 12, Rachel Scott was diagnosed with leukemia, but her journey to recovery is a testament to her unconquerable spirit and strength.


S1 • E3
Six elders talk about the Chickasaw past and the women who served as their role models.

Footsteps to Follow

S4 • E3
A salute to Chickasaw women making great strides as role models, featuring Rebecca Owens, Lisa Billy, Brenda Kingery and Steffani Cochran.


S1 • E1
Experience the early days of Chickasaw stunt pilot Pearl Carter Scott and see her wrestle to decide between family and adventure.

Triana Browne-Hearrell

S15 • E3
Miss Oklahoma USA 2019 Triana Browne-Hearrell is excited to continue her mission as an advocate for unity.

Lana Duke

S15 • E1
Chickasaw medical student and former soccer player Lana Duke wants to help underserved rural communities in Oklahoma.


S4 • E2
Chickasaw painter Margaret Dillard discusses the process and inspiration behind her artworks.

Descending from Clans: A Matrilineal Society

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson explains that traditionally, Chickasaw heritage descended solely from the female.

Pearl Carter Scott: On Top of the World

S1 • E1
Pearl Carter Scott lived a pathbreaking life as a stunt pilot, which she gave up in order to serve her family and community.

Bead Artistry

S4 • E1
Chickasaw beadwork artist Ashley Wallace makes colorful creations using skills taught to her by her grandmother.

The Influence of Chickasaw Women

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy was surrounded by strong Chickasaw women whose examples served to reinforce the idea that she was every bit as capable as her male peers.

Strength of My Grandmother

Lisa Billy
From state meetings to picking cotton, work has always been a family affair for the Billys — especially for the strong matriarchs.

Panther Women, Battle Strategist

Jeannie Barbour
Jeannie Barbour notes the role of Chickasaw women in battle as communicators and strategists.

Mother and Representative

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy says the biggest challenge to her credibility has been being a "housewife" and mother.

Matriarchs in a Business World

Andrea Horner
Andrea Horner addresses the matriarchal society of the Chickasaw Nation.

Jerry Brown: Evolving Roles for Women

Meet Our People – The Enduring Spirit of the Chickasaw Nation
At 95 years old, Chickasaw citizen Jerry Brown isn't slowing down.

First Female Native American Congresswoman in District

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy is not only the first female congressman in her district— she is also the first Indian.

Chickasaw Women Held Positions of Power and Respect

Dr. Daniel Littlefield
The matrilineal structure meant most property belonged to Chickasaw women, not men.

Te Ata

World-famous for using her dramatic talents to tell the story of the Chickasaw people
Mary Frances Thompson took on the stage name Te Ata, which means "bearer of the morning" in Chickasaw.

Lisa Billy

An unprecedented career in the Oklahoma House of Representatives
A former small business owner and educator, Rep. Lisa Billy, a decorated Chickasaw, now serves in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Eula Pearl Carter Scott

She learned to fly under the tutelage of Wiley Post and became the youngest pilot in America
She was the youngest pilot in the U.S. in 1929 and went on to serve the Chickasaw Nation as a community health representative and elected legislator.

Dynamic Women

S3 • E3
We're proud to recognize March as Women's History Month and to celebrate the strong, dynamic women of the Chickasaw Nation.

Hailey Nutt

S14 • E5
Chickasaw citizen Hailey Nutt is co-owner and co-founder of Tribal, a small cold-pressed juice business.

Jerry Brown

S13 • E6
Graduating from Oklahoma A&M in 1943 with a degree in education, Chickasaw Jerry Brown was soon recruited into the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps.

Dr. Whitney Tolpinrud

S13 • E5
Chickasaw citizen Dr. Whitney Tolpinrud says she always knew she would figure out a way to give back to her tribe.

Valorie Walters

S13 • E3
Valorie Walters says it's an amazing feeling to know the Cultural Center is a home for the Chickasaw people and for the Nation's history.

Teri Centner

S11 • E6
Chickasaw citizen Teri Centner is using her lifelong love of science and math to help youth succeed in these advanced fields.

Katie Callaway

S11 • E3
To be a Native American, Katie Callaway says, is to be strong, driven and have a great work ethic.

Tabitha Fair

S11 • E2
Tabitha Fair is a Chickasaw singer/songwriter who grew up singing in her hometown church in Oklahoma.

Christie Volkmer

S11 • E1
Chickasaw citizen Christie Volkmer is a truly multitalented individual, exhibiting the typical Chickasaw characteristics of dedication.

Heather Ahtone

S10 • E7
Heather Ahtone offers insight into understanding American Indian art.

Steffani Cochran

S10 • E6
Chickasaw Steffani Cochran describes the importance of her role as a public servant and advocate for Native Americans.

Ellen Brooker

S10 • E5
Ellen Brooker, an instructor at Southwest High School in San Antonio, Texas, credits her Chickasaw heritage for influencing her role as an educator.

Brenda Kingery

S10 • E2
Brenda Kingery is a contemporary Chickasaw artist that draws inspiration from visual images taken from her memory.

Ryanne Jordan

S10 • E10
Ryanne Jordan has been cultivating her love of the arts since she began dancing at age 3, but her appreciation for fashion design came later.

Beth Perkins

S9 • E6
Beth Perkins, a proud Chickasaw and professional photographer resides in Rockaway Beach, New York.

Dr. Traci Morris

S9 • E5
Traci Morris is a Chickasaw teacher, scholar and business owner.

Tessa Stamile

S9 • E1
Tessa Stamile is thankful for the educational opportunities the Chickasaw Nation provides.

Rebecca Hatcher Travis

S8 • E1
Rebecca Hatcher Travis explains that nearly all writings about the Chickasaws and other tribes were written from the Western perspective.

Kristina Kirtley

S7 • E5
Oklahoma Native and Chickasaw Kristina Kirtley was the project manager for an organization called International Cinema Education.

Dawn Welch

S7 • E4
Dawn Welch, Chickasaw and Owner of the Rock Cafe, describes the cafe's historical importance.

Maya Stewart

S7 • E1
Maya Stewart is a handbag designer from Washington, Oklahoma.

Kristen Dorsey

S6 • E3
Chickasaw metalsmith, Kristen Dorsey, connects her love of craft to the pride she has for her tribal identity when she creates her jewelry.

Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham

S5 • E6
Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham describes the unique education offered at the Chickasaw Cultural Center.

Courtney Parchcorn

S5 • E4
Courtney Parchcorn talks about her art, specifically "For All the Grandfathers"— which features an eagle motif symbolizing her own grandfather.

Beaulah Shavney

S5 • E3
Beaulah Shavney describes her experiences as an original member of the Women's Army Auxiliary during World War II.

Dr. Teresa Shavney

S5 • E2
Dr. Teresa Shavney talks about her breast cancer patients, and how she uses empathy to take away fear and help make people well.

Melissa Tartsah Morgan and Vicky Gold

S4 • E5
After enduring a harrowing medical struggle, Vicky Gold and her daughter, Melissa Tartsah Morgan, agree: To be Chickasaw, you have strength.

Dr. Suzanne Van Cooten

S4 • E4
Dr. Suzanne Van Cooten says she feels like a protector of the land and strives to leave the earth better than she found it.

Shay Buchanan

S4 • E3
Shay Buchanan (along with her mother, Glenda) explains the challenges she's overcome in her life, and describes the path to becoming a champion.

Margaret Roach Wheeler

S4 • E2
Margaret Roach Wheeler has known she wanted to be an artist since the first grade.

Jeannie Barbour

S4 • E1
Jeannie Barbour explains some of the recurring themes in her artwork, as well as the mediums and techniques she uses to create her masterpieces.

JudyLee Oliva

S3 • E5
JudyLee Oliva explains the 13-year journey that went into the making of the theatrical production "Te Ata."

Jennifer Barnes

S3 • E3
Jennifer Barnes talks about some of the educational opportunities available through the Chickasaw Nation.

Dr. Tina Cooper

S2 • E6
Family Practitioner, Tina Cooper, M.D. inspires and encourages young women in their pursuit of big career goals.

Dr. Debra Vaughn

S2 • E2
Dr. Debra Vaughn is an Education Specialist at the University of Oklahoma.

Linda English Weeks

S2 • E1
Linda English Weeks argues the importance of early education to reducing the brain drain in Oklahoma, as well as to our economic well-being.

Linda Briggs

S1 • E3
Chickasaw Nation legislator Linda Briggs explains that Chickasaws care about & understand the importance of collaboration in making a difference.

Dr. Judy Goforth Parker

S1 • E2
Dr. Judy Goforth Parker explains how the group went to the United States Congress to lobby for diabetes, education and prevention.