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Thrive: Unconquered Spirit

1 Season • 1 Episode
This series of intimate profiles depicts the many inspirational figures across generations of the Chickasaw Nation.


Brenda Kingery

S1 • E4
A visit to Honduras changed the life of Chickasaw contemporary artist Brenda Kingery and inspired her to empower women around the world.

Leonard Sealey

S1 • E3
In the face of constant danger, Leonard Sealey bravely served his country in Vietnam, embodying the Unconquerable spirit of the Chickasaw warrior.

Rachel Scott

S1 • E2
At age 12, Rachel Scott was diagnosed with leukemia, but her journey to recovery is a testament to her unconquerable spirit and strength.

Larry Paul

S1 • E1
Vietnam veteran Larry Paul drew on his unconquered Chickasaw heritage while serving in the U.S. Marines.