Strength of My Grandmother

Lisa Billy

From state meetings to picking cotton, work has always been a family affair for the Billys — especially for the strong matriarchs that helped raise her. Now, Lisa Billy is keeping the stories of these matriarchs alive by sharing them with her children.


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The Influence of Chickasaw Women

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy was surrounded by strong Chickasaw women whose examples served to reinforce the idea that she was every bit as capable as her male peers.

My First Pair of Earrings

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy describes her excitement when she received the first pair of earrings crafted by her grandmother.

The Importance of Storytelling

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy received a history lesson that, to her, became a testament to the perseverance and grit of those who came before her.

Lessons of a Father

Lisa Billy
As far back as Lisa Billy can remember, her father placed a high value on education.