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3 Seasons • 28 Episodes
Thrive is a monthly video series highlighting helpful programs and services available to Chickasaw citizens and their families.


45 Episodes

Get Back to Nature

S5 • E3
Enjoy the outdoors, from Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge and the Blue River to the Chickasaw Capitol grounds.

New Horizons

S5 • E2
The Chickasaw Nation offers constructive youth activities ranging from stickball to robotics to fossil hunting.

New Year, New Goals

S5 • E1
From mental wellness to physical fitness to nutrition, make 2019 your healthiest year yet!

A Bright Future

S4 • E12
The Chickasaw Nation starts early to prepare children to embrace leadership roles.

Beyond the Book

S4 • E11
The Chickasaw Nation works to preserve knowledge by publishing and hosting reading and writing programs.

Arts and Humanities Month

S4 • E10
Celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month in October by taking one of the classes offered to Chickasaw citizens.

Fall Into Wellness

S4 • E9
This season, take advantage of the Chickasaw Nation’s numerous initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Summer's Last Stand

S4 • E8
Make the most of the remaining days of summer with destinations and programs provided by the Chickasaw Nation.

Discover Your Passion

S4 • E7
The Chickasaw Nation offers many opportunities to find a new career that you love or to make the most out of the one you already have.

Caring Community

S4 • E6
For those requiring medical care, the Chickasaw Nation offers community programs to help with costs, transportation and elder care.

Create Your Canvas

S4 • E5
Explore the various ways that the Chickasaw Nation is working to nurture and inspire artistic expression.

Stress Awareness Month

S4 • E4
This month is the perfect time to explore the mental health and wellness resources offered by the Chickasaw Nation.

Footsteps to Follow

S4 • E3
A salute to Chickasaw women making great strides as role models, featuring Rebecca Owens, Lisa Billy, Brenda Kingery and Steffani Cochran.

Love Your Heritage

S4 • E2
Happy February! Join us in celebrating not only our affection for family and friends, but also our love of Chickasaw history, culture, and people.

Making a Difference in the New Year

S4 • E1
January marks the coming of the longstanding "New Year, New You" tradition. But this year, set a goal to make a difference in the lives of others.

Holiday Spirit in Chickasaw Country

S3 • E12
Spending time with loved ones during the holiday season helps the spirit thrive!

Chickasaw Warriors

S3 • E11
The Chickasaw Nation honors its veterans with unique programs designed for "Chickasaw warriors."


S3 • E10
In this episode of "Thrive," we explore ways in which Chickasaws are actively engaged in their right to self-governance.

Carrying the Fire

S3 • E9
When Chickasaw neighbors join together to strengthen their tribal connections, they thrive.

Get Outside

S3 • E8
Before summer is over, be sure to take advantage of the warmer weather with a weekend getaway in Chickasaw Country!


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