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Profiles of a Nation

15 Seasons • 109 Episodes
Today's Chickasaw people are living embodiments of what it means to be different but unified. These are their lives: Profiles of a Nation.


120 Episodes

Addison Karl

S16 • E12
Contemporary visual artist Addison Karl creates thought-provoking art inspired by the perseverance and culture of his Chickasaw ancestors.

Lighthorse Police

S16 • E11
From the era of removal to Indian Territory to present day, the Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse Police have protected and served their citizens.

Rachel Scott

S16 • E10
A cancer survivor, Rachel Scott aspires to be a pediatrician to help and encourage other sick children.

Franklin Keel

S16 • E9
For over 40 years, Chickasaw citizen Franklin Keel served his country at home and abroad.

Peyton "Beans" Factor

S16 • E8
After picking up a golf club at the age of three, junior championship golfer Peyton "Beans" Factor is taking the sport by storm.

Chris Kidd

S16 • E7
Oklahoma State Senator Chris Kidd discusses his family's legacy of service to the Chickasaw Nation and the great state of Oklahoma.

Paula Vanbuskirk

S16 • E6
As Chief of Dental Services at the Chickasaw Nation, Dr. Paula Vanbuskirk is dedicated to the health and well-being of the nation's youngest citizens.

Rose Shields-Jefferson

S16 • E5
Chickasaw elder Rose Shields-Jefferson dedicates her time and her efforts to the preservation of Chickasaw language, history and culture.

Tobi Young

S16 • E4
Tobi Young is humbled to have served as a United States Supreme Court Clerk and credits her success to her Chickasaw and Oklahoma roots.

Chickasaw Princesses

S16 • E3
Since 1963, Chickasaw princesses, past and present, are a proud part of Chickasaw heritage.

Bill Kinney

S16 • E2
Accounting professor Bill Kinney learned a lesson from Chickasaw history about adapting to your circumstances.

Joe F. Moore

S16 • E1
Joe F. Moore achieved his dream of attending MIT and went on to become a pioneer in computer technology and oil refining.

Kevin Meeks

S15 • E8
Rear Admiral Kevin D. Meeks credits his Chickasaw heritage with giving him strength to overcome adversity.

Cody Greenwood

S15 • E7
ECU student and computer science aficionado Cody Greenwood has achieved much already in his time at ECU, and he's ready to give back.

Gene Arpelar

S15 • E6
Gene Arpelar is proud to have served his country as a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Triana Browne-Hearrell

S15 • E3
Miss Oklahoma USA 2019 Triana Browne-Hearrell is excited to continue her mission as an advocate for unity.

Lana Duke

S15 • E1
Chickasaw medical student and former soccer player Lana Duke wants to help underserved rural communities in Oklahoma.

Tohmi Carney

S15 • E2
Wrestler Tohmi Carney hopes to follow his Chickasaw warrior spirit all the way to the Olympics.

Gerald Brisco

S14 • E8
Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame member Gerald Brisco is a true Chickasaw warrior, through-and-through.

Steve Paniagua

S14 • E6
Chickasaw citizen Steve Paniagua describes how cycling gives him a freedom he can't find anywhere else.


18 Videos

Chickasaw.tv Preview

Get a sneak peek at new series and fresh episodes debuting in the 2017-2018 season.

Brenda Kingery: Threads of Blessings

2m 30s
In this extended cut, see Brenda Kingery's travels to Honduras, her experience with local women to create a beautiful, hand-made banner.

Jerry Brown: Evolving Roles for Women

At 95 years old, Chickasaw citizen Jerry Brown isn't slowing down.

Robert Tuttle: My Father Holmes Tuttle

1m 30s
Loving son Robert Tuttle, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, counts himself lucky to have had Holmes Tuttle as a father.

Dustin Mater: Artistic Vision

In this extended cut, learn about Dustin Mater's collaboration with the Pendleton Blanket Legendary Series.

Jeremy Wallace: Living Chickasaw Culture

Jeremy Wallace was a cultural instructor at the Chickasaw Cultural Center, a drummer, singer, artist and stomp dancer.

Kristina Kirtley: Sharing Stories

Kristina Kirtley is a former project manager for International Cinema Education.

Harris Penner: Chickasaw Progress

Harris Penner is the owner of Penner Black Angus Ranch.

Eric Henson: Indian Culture an Economic Force

Eric Henson explains why Indian culture is more than just rug weaving and silversmithing.

Jay Keel: Family Values

Jay Keel expresses the importance of Chickasaws returning to their roots by renewing their focus on the family.

William Paul: Chickasaw Heritage a Treasure

He talks about how his Chickasaw heritage helped convince the people that were going to elect him that he would be the best person for the job.

Mason Cole: Te Ata

Mason Cole talks about the life of his great aunt, Te Ata.

John Herrington: Advice to Children

John Herrington, the first enrolled Native American member in space, encourages children to recognize the importance of following their dreams.

JudyLee Oliva: Quiet Power

JudyLee Oliva explains that, to her, being Chickasaw means being in possession of a "quiet power that gets things done."

The Quartz Mountain Art Collection: Mike Larsen's Works

It's not hard to see why Mike Larsen's Quartz Mountain Sacred Ground has been called the "crown jewel" of the Quartz Mountain Art Collection.

John Herrington: I Dreamed of Being an Astronaut

John Herrington tells the story of how he came to be an astronaut, and describes the adventure of being in space.

Dr. Judy Goforth Parker: Chickasaw Nation Making History

Dr. Judy Goforth Parker describes the wa