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Profiles of a Nation

15 Seasons • 109 Episodes
Today's Chickasaw people are living embodiments of what it means to be different but unified. These are their lives: Profiles of a Nation.


Sonya Frazier

S15 • E5
Sonya Frazier's belief in compassion and strong family ties has led her to become a devoted foster parent.

Gene Arpelar

S15 • E6
Gene Arpelar is proud to have served his country as a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Dwight Durant

S15 • E4
Lieutenant Dwight Durant of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is proud to serve the public through a career in law enforcement.

Triana Browne-Hearrell

S15 • E3
Miss Oklahoma USA 2019 Triana Browne-Hearrell is excited to continue her mission as an advocate for unity.

Lana Duke

S15 • E1
Chickasaw medical student and former soccer player Lana Duke wants to help underserved rural communities in Oklahoma.

Tohmi Carney

S15 • E2
Wrestler Tohmi Carney hopes to follow his Chickasaw warrior spirit all the way to the Olympics.

Gerald Brisco

S14 • E8
Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame member Gerald Brisco is a true Chickasaw warrior, through-and-through.

Rebecca Owens

S14 • E7
Retired Naval Officer Rebecca Owens is just one in a long line of venerable Chickasaw warrior women.

Steve Paniagua

S14 • E6
Chickasaw citizen Steve Paniagua describes how cycling gives him a freedom he can't find anywhere else.

Hailey Nutt

S14 • E5
Chickasaw citizen Hailey Nutt is co-owner and co-founder of Tribal, a small cold-pressed juice business.

Dallas Sealey

S14 • E4
Chickasaw citizen Dallas Sealey describes the competitive nature of college football as being second-to-none.

Nathaniel Thomas

S14 • E3
After WWII, Chickasaw citizen Nathaniel Thomas answered God's call and became a minister.

Ezekiel Walker

S14 • E2
Ezekiel Walker is a Chickasaw citizen and a television producer in Los Angeles.

Bo Overton

S12 • E4
A native of Norman, Oklahoma, Bo Overton grew up loving the Oklahoma Sooners and the sport of basketball in particular.

Dustin Mater

S10 • E3
Even when he was a child, Dustin Mater knew he would be an artist.

Brad Scott

S10 • E4
Chickasaw businessman Brad Scott learned the principles of hard work and only cultivating what you need from the land.

Steffani Cochran

S10 • E6
Chickasaw Steffani Cochran describes the importance of her role as a public servant and advocate for Native Americans.

Kortney Greenwood

S11 • E11
Since she was nine years old, Chickasaw citizen Kortney Greenwood has been writing every day.

Jeff Carpenter

S8 • E3
Jeff Carpenter offers listeners the opportunity to indulge in Native music comprised of both classical and rock elements.

Dawn Welch

S7 • E4
Dawn Welch, Chickasaw and Owner of the Rock Cafe, describes the cafe's historical importance.


Chickasaw.tv Preview

Get a sneak peek at new series and fresh episodes debuting in the 2017-2018 season.

Brenda Kingery: Threads of Blessings

2m 30s
In this extended cut, see Brenda Kingery's travels to Honduras, her experience with local women to create a beautiful, hand-made banner.

Jerry Brown: Evolving Roles for Women

At 95 years old, Chickasaw citizen Jerry Brown isn't slowing down.

Robert Tuttle: My Father Holmes Tuttle

1m 30s
Loving son Robert Tuttle, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, counts himself lucky to have had Holmes Tuttle as a father.

Dustin Mater: Artistic Vision

In this extended cut, learn about Dustin Mater's collaboration with the Pendleton Blanket Legendary Series.

Jeremy Wallace: Living Chickasaw Culture

Jeremy Wallace was a cultural instructor at the Chickasaw Cultural Center, a drummer, singer, artist and stomp dancer.

Kristina Kirtley: Sharing Stories

Kristina Kirtley is a project manager for International Cinema Education.

Harris Penner: Chickasaw Progress

Harris Penner is the owner of Penner Black Angus Ranch.

Eric Henson: Indian Culture an Economic Force

Eric Henson explains why Indian culture is more than just rug weaving and silversmithing.

Jay Keel: Family Values

Jay Keel expresses the importance of Chickasaws returning to their roots by renewing their focus on the family.

William Paul: Chickasaw Heritage a Treasure

He talks about how his Chickasaw heritage helped convince the people that were going to elect him that he would be the best person for the job.

Mason Cole: Te Ata

Mason Cole talks about the life of his great aunt, Te Ata.

John Herrington: Advice to Children

John Herrington, the first enrolled Native American member in space, encourages children to recognize the importance of following their dreams.

JudyLee Oliva: Quiet Power

JudyLee Oliva explains that, to her, being Chickasaw means being in possession of a "quiet power that gets things done."

The Quartz Mountain Art Collection: Mike Larsen's Works

It's not hard to see why Mike Larsen's Quartz Mountain Sacred Ground has been called the "crown jewel" of the Quartz Mountain Art Collection.

John Herrington: I Dreamed of Being an Astronaut

John Herrington tells the story of how he came to be an astronaut, and describes the adventure of being in space.

Dr. Judy Goforth Parker: Chickasaw Nation Making History

Dr. Judy Goforth Parker describes the ways that the Chickasaw Nation is making history.

Neal McCaleb: Tribal Contributions

Neal McCaleb discusses the ways in which tribal governments have become major players in healthcare, business and other fields.


Gerald Brisco

A Chickasaw Warrior, Through-and-Through
Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame member Gerald Brisco is a true Chickasaw warrior, through-and-through.

Rebecca Owens

Committed to Helping Fellow Veterans
Rebecca Owens is just one in a long line of venerable Chickasaw warrior women.

Melissa Tartsah Morgan and Vicky Gold

Shining examples of the strength and determination of the Chickasaw people
Melissa Tartsah Morgan is a kidney transplant recipient and her mother, Vicky Gold, was her living donor.

Benjamin Espinosa

A proud military serviceman with a love for his country and his tribe
Military service runs in Benjamin Espinosa’s blood.

Valorie Walters

Dedicated to sharing the rich history and culture of the Chickasaw people with all
Meet Valorie Walters, Executive Director at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Ada, Oklahoma.