Brenda Kingery

Portraits in Chickasaw Strength and Resilience

A visit to Honduras changed the life of Chickasaw contemporary artist Brenda Kingery and inspired her to find Threads of Blessing, which enables women in Haiti, Honduras and Uganda to produce unique pieces of textile art that represent their culture and surroundings. Through sales of their work, these women are able to provide medical care, education for their children, buy livestock and seed for crops and build simple family homes. "Who would've thought that a needle and thread could be so important and could mean so much to the lives of so many people," Brenda says. Even now, Brenda and her group are still traveling the world. She has been invited to Mexico and began visiting Uganda about 10 years ago, which has been a rewarding experience. "If I go into an abstract painting, I have no idea what the outcome is going to be," she says. "And I don't try to control it, and I suspect that when you go into a different culture, if you go in with an attitude of learning or if you go in with the attitude that we're all part of this place then you are given great gifts." She is amazed by her experiences and grateful for the opportunities to work with such inspiring and resilient women.