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13 Episodes

Paula Vanbuskirk

S16 • E6
As Chief of Dental Services at the Chickasaw Nation, Dr. Paula Vanbuskirk is dedicated to the health and well-being of the nation's youngest citizens.

Joe F. Moore

S16 • E1
Joe F. Moore achieved his dream of attending MIT and went on to become a pioneer in computer technology and oil refining.

Kent Smith, Ph.D.

S13 • E1
Kent Smith founded the Native Explorers program as a way to recruit, train and educate the next generation of Native Americans in science & medicine.

Dr. Suzanne Van Cooten

S4 • E4
Dr. Suzanne Van Cooten says she feels like a protector of the land and strives to leave the earth better than she found it.

John Herrington: Chickasaw Determination

S5 • E7
Astronaut John Herrington speaks about the pride he feels for his Chickasaw heritage, and the importance of diligence in the face of adversity.

Chris Carpenter

S8 • E5
Chris Carpenter understands the importance of Chickasaw heritage.

Dr. Teresa Shavney

S5 • E2
Dr. Teresa Shavney talks about her breast cancer patients, and how she uses empathy to take away fear and help make people well.

Melissa Tartsah Morgan and Vicky Gold

S4 • E5
After enduring a harrowing medical struggle, Vicky Gold and her daughter, Melissa Tartsah Morgan, agree: To be Chickasaw, you have strength.

Dr. Tina Cooper

S2 • E6
Family Practitioner, Tina Cooper, M.D. inspires and encourages young women in their pursuit of big career goals.

Teri Centner

S11 • E6
Chickasaw citizen Teri Centner is using her lifelong love of science and math to help youth succeed in these advanced fields.

Tessa Stamile

S9 • E1
Tessa Stamile is thankful for the educational opportunities the Chickasaw Nation provides.

Joshua Tingle

S9 • E8
Joshua Tingle is a talented and intelligent young Chickasaw with a promising future ahead of him.

Dr. Whitney Tolpinrud

S13 • E5
Chickasaw citizen Dr. Whitney Tolpinrud says she always knew she would figure out a way to give back to her tribe.


26 Videos

Family Encouraging Healthy Habits

1m 30s
Healthy lifestyles can be strengthened when the entire family is involved.

Native American Risk

1m 30s
Native American communities are statistically at a higher risk to become type 2 diabetic.

Lifestyle Changes

1m 30s
Increasing rates of diabetes make monitoring one's lifestyle a necessity.

Dr. Judy Goforth Parker: Obesity

Obesity is a growing issue in the United States and can also raise a person's risk for type 2 diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

1m 30s
Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood glucose levels.

Diabetes: An American Epidemic

Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions, and in Oklahoma as many as 40% of Native Americans are impacted by the disease.

July 15, 2011 – Suzanne Van Cooten, Meteorologist

2m 30s
Suzanne Van Cooten loves her job, and she loves being Chickasaw.

Opening Session: John Herrington (full version)

11m 30s
Former NASA Astronaut and Chickasaw John Herrington was featured in a delightful sketch that opened the World Forum.

John Herrington, First Enrolled Native American in Space

3m 30s
John Herrington's role as flight engineer aboard the Endeavour wasn't just a major contributor to a successful NASA mission.

Choosing Chickasaw Health Services

1m 30s
The Carl Albert Indian Health Facility served Chickasaw citizens with quality care before the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center opened in 2010.

Getting Serious About Treatment Options

When her daughter began suffering kidney failure, Vicky Gold decided it was time to get serious about how to proceed with the medical treatment.

Family Kidney Transplant

3m 30s
Chickasaw mother Vicky Gold continues the saga toward becoming a kidney donor for her daughter Melissa who was in desperate need of a transplant.

Kidney Transplant Recovery

Vicky Gold remembers seeing her daughter for the first time after the surgery.

Support of the Chickasaw Nation

2m 30s
The emotional support provided by the Chickasaw Nation helped Vicky Gold and her daughter Melissa.

Initial Kidney Treatments

Chickasaw mother Vicky Gold tells the story of the initial treatments for her daughter Melissa, after she was diagnosed with FSGS.

Tracing My Roots

Suzanne Van Cooten explains how the process of tracing her family tree helped her to gain a sense of community within the Chickasaw Nation.

Leadership of Chickasaw Ancestors

1m 30s
Through her father's stories about their ancestors, who were leaders, Suzanne Van Cooten was able to realize a sense of leadership in herself.

An Emphasis on Family Practice

The Chickasaw Nation puts a high priority on primary care.

Advantages of the Family Practice Model

Tina Cooper discusses the concept of the family practice model, and the advantages it can offer patients.

Chickasaw Culture and Identity

Chickasaw culture is a mix of many things: caring about one another, self-improvement, a strong sense of family and a sense of identity.


14 Profiles

Melissa Tartsah Morgan and Vicky Gold

Shining examples of the strength and determination of the Chickasaw people
Melissa Tartsah Morgan is a kidney transplant recipient and her mother, Vicky Gold, was her living donor.

Dr. Whitney Tolpinrud

An unwavering commitment to serve her fellow Chickasaw people
Chickasaw citizen Dr. Whitney Tolpinrud is a high achiever, to say the very least.

Kent Smith, Ph.D.

Dedicated to recruiting and training the next generation of Native Americans in scientists
Kent Smith founded the Native Explorers program as a way to recruit, train and educate the next generation of Native Americans in science & medicine.

Dr. Judy Goforth Parker

A Dynamic Chickasaw Woman committed to the health of the Chickasaw Nation
Dr. Judy Goforth Parker is the Secretary of the Chickasaw Nation Division of Health.

Tessa Stamile

Dreams to support the health of Native Americans in Oklahoma
Tessa Stamile is a woman who is proud of her Chickasaw heritage.

Joshua Tingle

Challenging his skills and imagination to think beyond the possible
Joshua Tingle is an intelligent and talented individual. He's a young Chickasaw, but is pushing the limits any way he can imagine.

John Herrington

The first enrolled member of a Native American tribe to fly in space
Herrington has spent his life as a proud Chickasaw member serving as a U.S. Naval Aviator and an astronaut for NASA.

Paula Vanbuskirk

Dedicated to all the health and wellbeing of the nation's youngest citizens
Chickasaw citizen and pediatric dentist Paula Vanbuskirk loves waking up every morning to help brighten the smiles of children.

Dr. Jonathan Trent

Award-winning Chickasaw physician and cancer researcher
Dr. Jonathan Trent is a board-certified oncologist.

Dr. Tina Cooper

A strong advocate for the progress of Chickasaw citizens in the areas of health and science
Dr. Cooper currently works as the medical director of the Sovereign Family Medical Center (under the Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce).

Teri Centner

A dedicated proponent for Native Americans in the sciences
Chickasaw citizen Teri Centner is using her lifelong love of science and math to help youth succeed in these advanced fields.

Chris Carpenter

A spirit for success and innovation
Chickasaw citizen Chris Carpenter greatly admired his determined grandfather, a man who received his pilot’s license when he was just 16 years old.

Dr. Suzanne Van Cooten

A Chickasaw scientist working to bring Native Americans into the field of meteorology
Van Cooten is a highly esteemed hydrometeorologist at the National Severe Storms Lab in Norman, Oklahoma.

Dr. Teresa Shavney

Breaking down barriers as the first female surgeon in Oklahoma City
Displaying the notorious unconquerable Chickasaw spirit, Teresa Shavney is a barrier breaker in the field of medicine.