Emergency medicine doctor of osteopathic medicine inspired by his Chickasaw heritage

Dr. Brandon Postoak, D.O., is an emergency medicine physician. He was inspired by his Chickasaw culture to pursue higher education and while studying at Murray State College and East Central University, he developed an interest in science, physical therapy and sports medicine. But it was his time with the Chickasaw Nation School-to-Work program and the Native Explorers program that inspired him to enroll in medical school at Oklahoma State University for Health Sciences.

Brandon isn't the first Chickasaw healer in his family. He comes from a long line of medicine men and medicine women, including his grandmother, Pauline Walker, and he feels his Chickasaw ancestors may have played a role in leading him down this path. In 2019 Brandon was appointed the Association of Native American Medical Students' president-elect. During medical school he hosted a Native American Wellness Day, which features events celebrating health and culture, and also serves as a mentor for the Native Explorers, a program that provided him with First American role models who inspired him to pursue medicine.

Brandon asserts that without embracing his culture, he never would have discovered his passion for medicine. He hopes to be a role model for other First Americans to join the medical field. As he continues his career, he resolves to maintain the Chickasaw beliefs that inspired him. "The traditional Chickasaw medicine philosophy encompasses the mind, body and spirit," he says. "And that is definitely something that I try to utilize in my practice every day."


  • Bachelor of science from East Central University
  • Master of science from Oklahoma State University Center for Health Science
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Oklahoma State University Center for Health Science
  • Volunteered with families of terminally ill patients for Clarehouse Inc.
  • Honored for hard work and dedication by the Association of American Indian Physicians
  • The first medical student appointed as an osteopathic medicine liaison and president-elect for the Association of Native American Medical Students