Renowned scholar and educator dedicated to the study of Native American culture

Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham is currently the Director of Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma. She previously served as a tenured Associate Professor of English at Oklahoma State University, specializing in Native American Studies. She is also known for her work as editor of the Chickasaw Press and is the former Administrator of the Chickasaw Nation Division of History and Culture.

Originally from Ardmore, Oklahoma, Dr. Cobb-Greetham received her bachelor's degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 1992. She obtained her master's degree from the University of North Texas and a Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma in 1997.

Dr. Cobb-Greetham first worked as an Assistant Professor at New Mexico State University and later went on to serve as a tenured Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico. While serving as a Native American Studies associate professor, Dr. Cobb-Greetham founded the Institute for American Indian Research.

She continues to research, write and curate museum exhibitions in addition to her duties as Director of Native American Studies at OU. Dr. Cobb-Greetham has done research examining the state of Oklahoma's American Indian identity as it is displayed in popular culture. She has also published articles in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including American Quarterly, American Studies, Studies in American Indian Literature and American Indian Quarterly.

For the past five years, Dr. Cobb-Greetham directed the Chickasaw Nation's language programs, museums and archives, as well as the Chickasaw Press — the first tribal publishing house of its kind. This publishing house received the Harvard Award for Excellence in Tribal Self-Governance in addition to two Oklahoma Book Awards during her tenure.

Dr. Cobb-Greetham also assisted in the launch of the groundbreaking Chickasaw Cultural Center, located in Sulphur, Oklahoma, which received the Redbud Award for Best New Tourist Attraction from the Oklahoma Department of Tourism.


  • American Book Award (as author) for Listening to Our Grandmother’s Stories
  • North American Indian Prose Award (as author) for Listening to Our Grandmother’s Stories
  • Co-author of “Chickasaw: Unconquered and Unconquerable”
  • Author of: The National Museum of the American Indian: Critical Conversations