A dedication to the health and wellbeing of the Chickasaw people

Chris Anoatubby is the Lieutenant Governor of the Chickasaw Nation and oldest son of Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby. He previously served as Chief Medical Solutions Officer for the Chickasaw Nation.

Chris worked for years as a chief pharmacist for the Nation's Division of Health. Bill Lance, Secretary of the Department of Commerce for the Chickasaw Nation, says, "We have seen Chris assume increasing responsibilities throughout his career with the health system and we are pleased he has chosen to use his knowledge and experience to assist our diversification efforts in several healthcare-related fields."

Chris excels in his position because of his passion for healthcare and technology. He received his degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, and since 1997 has worked for the Chickasaw Nation Health Service. While working as the Chief of Pharmacy Services, he was named Outstanding Young Pharmacist of the Year for his implementation of innovative programs, exceptional leadership skills and development of mentor programs. He was the only tribal employee to receive the honor.


  • President of Sovereign Medical Solutions
  • Named Outstanding Young Pharmacist of the Year in 2007