A dedication to utilizing new in technology that contribute to the progress of Native Americans

Dr. Traci L. Morris is a business owner, teacher, scholar and proud member of the Chickasaw Nation. She received her Ph.D. in American Indian Studies and has dedicated much of her work to utilizing new developments in technology that contribute to the progress of Native Americans.

Dr. Morris's professional work has primarily covered Native American art and media, encompassing auditory, visual and digital mediums. She has written numerous publications, taught university courses and has worked with renowned Native American artists and media makers.

Dr. Morris is also the owner of Homahota Consulting, a Native American business that offers research, development, communications and project design services. Homahota Consulting has a partnership with Native Public Media to promote and strengthen the voice of Native Americans. Traci Morris has also offered her expertise in telecommunication and new media issues while serving a two-year appointment with the FCC Consumer Affairs Committee, in which she represented tribal interests.


  • Principal and founder of Homahota Consulting
  • Affiliated faculty appointment with Donald McGannon Center for Communication Studies at Fordham University
  • 10 years of undergraduate teaching experience at various universities across the country
  • Co‐editor on Native American Voices: A Reader
  • Co-authored the study, “New Media, Technology and Internet Use in Indian Country