Known for his commitment to the preservation of Chickasaw history and culture

Towana Spivey is a man of many talents that are greatly sought after. He has contributed to federal crime cases using the education he received from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma. Spivey served as the director and curator of the Fort Sill National Historic Landmark Museum for almost 30 years. For Spivey, history is always relevant and helps "communicate lessons from the past so that we can learn for the present and the future."

He is descended from a long line of Chickasaws, dating back to 1837. Growing up in Madill, Oklahoma, he stayed close to his roots and now resides on the 140-acre Chickasaw allotment originally given to his grandparents.

Spivey held the position of director/curator at the Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museum from 1982 to 2012. He has served on several boards and advisory committees, such as the Oklahoma Archeological Survey, Governor's Review Committee for the Oklahoma State Preservation, Oklahoma Museums Association and Southwest Oklahoma Historical Society.

The importance of preserving the Chickasaw history, language and culture has been evident throughout Spivey's life and career. But he doesn't limit himself to the Chickasaws. Spivey believes in the need to remember and learn the history of several other tribes found in Oklahoma.


  • Inducted into the Chickasaw Hall of Fame in 2012
  • Completed a major exhibit gallery entitled “The Warriors’ Journey” at the Fort Sill National Historical Landmark Museum