Brent Greenwood Art

Chickasaw Culture Keepers

Brent Greenwood is a Chickasaw and Ponca artist who focuses on acrylics and mixed media. He describes his creative process as being intrinsic. "We're a very hands-on people," he says. "I use various materials to create energy in my paintings, and I think that's reflective of our culture. We're evolving, we're changing and we're adapting through the arts." Brent isn't afraid of color in his pieces; his colors may not match those in the natural world, but they're the perfect ones in his eyes and he hopes his choices evoke emotions in people. "I let the painting direct me," he says in reference to drips, splatters and brushstrokes that might appear on his canvases. He teaches his students that there's no "wrong way" to create work; if they're in tune with themselves and where they come from, he says, then they'll be able to express the narrative of being native artists.