Using ancient symbols or designs in her art to reconnect with her Chickasaw ancestors

For Tracie Tuck-Davis, her art is a way to reconnect with her Chickasaw ancestors. She fell in love with art years ago and began taking art classes at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. Since then, she hasn't looked back.

Tracie is a historical artist, which makes her art different from other forms. She researches history from an academic standpoint, so that she may better understand what she’s recreating and what story it may tell.

Davis takes what she has researched and brings it to life on a contemporary medium. She uses ancient symbols or designs and recreates them in a sculpture or a painting.

Tracie wants the viewer's imagination to take hold. The art can mean something different to everyone. For her, it is a reflection of knowledge about years past.

She is studying every day, learning about Native American female artists. One day she hopes to publish a book on the subject.


  • Won Best in Show Award at the 2010 Southeastern Art Show and Market