Passing down Chickasaw cultural beliefs, customs and traditions to future generations

Jeremy Wallace was a man of many talents. He understood the patience and drive that goes into perfecting a craft. Wallace was a Chickasaw tribal member and knew the importance of his heritage and culture.

Jeremy was a cultural instructor at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma. He performed at the center and informed the public on the culture and way of life of the Chickasaw tribe. He said, "We're here to express the importance of Chickasaw culture—and how it keeps our tribe alive."

Wallace was also a member of the Chickasaw Dance Troupe, performing dances and ritualistic customs for the public. He had a deep knowledge of the symbols and designs on the instruments used in the troupe.

As a cultural instructor, Jeremy Wallace showed the students how to create their own cultural products, using careful, hands-on methods. He wanted to teach students the art of preserving the Chickasaw history and craft traditions.

Jeremy's life was tragically cut short in 2017, but his Chickasaw spirit will always be remembered. During his life, he was incredibly proud to be able to pass down his cultural beliefs, customs and traditions to his daughter, Nannola Bicey Wallace.


  • Participant and winner in several art shows, including the Chickasaw Nation’s Southeastern Art Show and Market (SEASAM)
  • Cover model for the award-winning “Chickasaw Removal” book by Chickasaw Press
  • Model for “The Arrival,” a sculpture by Chickasaw artist Mike Larsen, located at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma
  • Model for a painting hanging in the Federal Courthouse in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Model for a German magazine featuring a Cherokee and Chickasaw warrior, the latter of which he represented
  • on the cover of the first issue of Chickasaw Country Magazine
  • Actor in feature films “Pearl,” “The Removal” and “Frankie and the Pirate”; in “Trail of Death,” a Citizen Pottawatomie film; various Chickasaw commercials; and a video shown at the Natchez Trace Parkway
  • Actor in several music videos for the Chickasaw State of the Nation address, including “Chikasha Alhiha” by Injunuity (2011), “Spirit of the Nation” (2012) and “Coming Home” by Tabitha Fair (2013)
  • Actor in the Cyrus Harris video presented at the Chickasaw Hall of Fame induction ceremony
  • Featured, along with his wife, in Native Times Magazine articles in both 2011 and November 2013
  • Stomp dancer in Lowak Shoppala’s live musical production
  • Model representing the Foshi Clan leader, the Koni Clan leader and a stomp dancer for Lowak Shoppala’s performances and media photos
  • Member of the Chickasaw Theatre company and participant in several reenactments, including “Hinaa Falaa’” and “150th Anniversary of the Signing of the Constitution”
  • Coach, Chikasha Toli Stickball team
  • Won first place at the First Annual Chickasha Stickball Tournament
  • Participant in the following stickball tournaments: Chickasaw-sponsored Chikasha Ittifama, Choctaw-sponsored Tushkahoma Festival, Band of Cherokee-sponsored United Keetowah and Mississippi Band of Choctaw-sponsored World Series of Stickball
  • Participant in stickball demonstrations in schools, colleges and events across Oklahoma and the United States
  • Member, Chickasaw Nation Dance Troupe