Artistic designs inspired by ancient Native American culture

Joanna's artwork is inspired by early tribal culture and ancient designs of the Southeast. She combines these design elements with her own modern style. Some of her artwork also includes butterflies, turtles, gourd-shaped pots, possum grape designs and floral.

Joanna studied graphic design at the University of Oklahoma where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While there she was introduced to various art disciplines including pottery. In the beginning it was difficult to find anyone making Chickasaw pottery, which sparked an interest to learn more about the pottery that her ancestors had created. With the guidance and encouragement of tribal members, Joanna was able to recreate and help revitalize the art of pottery making for the Chickasaws.

In 2011, Joanna was commissioned by the Chickasaw Nation to create multiple large-scale bronze sculptures of her pottery and other southeastern inspired works for the Chickasaw Cultural Center and the Artesian plaza area in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Joanna and her husband James reside near the Sulphur/Davis area on her family’s original allotment land where they both work as freelance artists.


  • Commissioned to create large-scale bronze sculptures for the Chickasaw Cultural Center and Artesian Plaza area in Sulphur, Oklahoma – “Southeastern Pottery” water fountain, “Water Jar,” and “Sun Circles and Shell Ornaments.”
  • Participated in the Southeastern Art Show and Market, Tishomingo, Oklahoma
  • Participated in the Artesian Arts Festival in Sulphur, Oklahoma
  • Participated in New Identities in Chickasaw Art, Oklahoma City
  • Awarded First Place in the Santa Fe Indian Market, New Mexico
  • Awarded Best of Division in the Red Earth Art Competition, Oklahoma City
  • Participated in Festival of Fires, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Photographer’s Guide for Chickasaw: Unconquered and Unconquerable
  • Has work on display at the Chickasaw Cultural Center, the ARTesian Gallery & Studios, Exhibit C, and the Chickasaw Arts & Humanities Art Gallery