The Chickasaw Nation: We Are Our History, Culture, Arts

Lona Barrick

Lona Barrick, executive officer of Cultural Tourism, says that the shared history, culture and art of the Chickasaw Nation define who they are as a people.


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Being Chickasaw: Our Nation's Ideals

Governor Bill Anoatubby
Governor Bill Anoatubby outlines the the ideals of the Chickasaw nation as a whole.

What Being Chickasaw Is

Tom Cole
Tom Cole explains that, to him, being Chickasaw is rejecting limitations, taking on challenges, and maintaining a sense of pride in one's heritage.

The Chickasaws: Strength and Modesty

T.W. Shannon, Chickasaw Citizen and Former Member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives
T.W. Shannon describes the traits that make Chickasaws unique.

Chickasaw Values: Embracing Diversity

T.W. Shannon
T.W. Shannon describes what he perceives to be basic Chickasaw values, and explains how these values have influenced him in his work.

Investing in Our Infrastructure

T.W. Shannon, Former Speaker, Oklahoma House of Representatives
T.W. Shannon argues that investing in our transportation infrastructure is simply good government.

Over 35 Years of Progress

Linda Robins
The Chickasaw Nation has experienced stability in leadership, which helps all programs and services continue to grow.

Culture of Preservation

Linda Robins
The Chickasaw people have always been connected to the land and water.

Family History in Achilles: Oklahoma

Tina Cooper
There was a time when the entire town of Achilles, Oklahoma, belonged to the land allotment of Tina Cooper's ancestors.

The Strong Identity of Chickasaw Nation

William Paul
The leadership of the Chickasaw Nation has been able to retain its history, traditions and language.