A proud understanding of what the Chickasaw people have to offer

A former administrator of the Oklahoma governor's mansion, Linda English Weeks served as chief of staff for first lady Kim Henry while governor Brad Henry was in office. As a proud Oklahoman, Linda vouches for everything Oklahoma has to offer. From the education system in Oklahoma to the beautiful landscapes, Linda endorses it all.

Her connection to her Chickasaw history didn't start growing until she was teaching her children about their ancestors and all they accomplished. But as she began researching her family tree, the interest began to form and now she's proud to call herself a Chickasaw. Linda understands all that the Chickasaws have to offer as well, ranging from national recreation areas to the scholarships and grants for education.

Her love of the law didn't bloom until she was a mother and her kids were well on their way in school. Once her time started to free up she was able to go back to school and get her Juris Doctorate and start practicing law. Linda says this is one of the best things she's ever done for herself, and she could not be happier. Linda is a Chickasaw who believes in the state of Oklahoma and all it can provide.