Using Ingredients from the Earth to Forge a Small Business

Chickasaw citizen Hailey Nutt has turned her passion for fresh produce and community involvement into a profitable business, Tribal Juice. The Dallas-based brand churns out cold-pressed, USDA and NICS certified organic and gluten-free juices in BPA-free bottles. What you see on the label is what you get—water, sugar and heat are never added.

Nutt, who is a certified raw food chef, met her partner and Tribal co-founder Brenton Phillips in college at Ole Miss, where the pair hosted a sports radio talk show. After moving to Florida and familiarizing themselves with the juice business, they relocated to Dallas and launched their own brand in 2016.

"We became super passionate about nourishment and simple, fresh, healthy ingredients," Nutt said. Their hard work paid off; Tribal Juice is sold in select Central Market locations in the DFW area and a café is soon to open in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas.

The name of the Tribal brand, she said, is derived from her Chickasaw heritage and her community-centric spirit. "I definitely feel honored and humble to be a modern-day Chickasaw," Nutt said. "I'm taking my roots and my heritage and using it as fuel and motivation. I want to carry on the legacy of resilience."

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