Life's work to tell genuine stories of his people

Originally from Mill Creek, Oklahoma, Chickasaw Ezekiel Walker now resides in Los Angeles and has worked as a television producer on such popular shows as "The Biggest Loser" and "Kitchen Nightmares," as well as "The Story of God with Morgan Freeman."

He remembers one of his first experiences as a production assistant, in which nobody was willing to drive a five-ton truck. But Ezekiel, showing his perseverant Chickasaw spirit, said, "Ask me to do anything and I'll do it. I'm just here to work hard." He believes willingness and eagerness go a long way in the television industry.

As a kid, Ezekiel loved design and composition, and he saw the opportunity to capture great stories from behind a camera lens. He says his main goal is to tell great stories, and he's willing to risk anything for someone who has a message that needs to be heard.

Ezekiel recounts how the stories of the Chickasaw people remain close to his heart and believes there’s a need to represent Native Americans and minorities in a genuine way. The Chickasaw Nation is made up of survivors, he says, and he feels that he has a responsibility to work hard, survive and keep conquering, just like his ancestors.