Fall Recipes

Healthcare, Nutrition and Wellness

We are what we eat, and when we're trying to battle fat, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis or other issues, we can start by eating healthier foods.

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Grape Dumplings

S3 • E4
Chef Steven Looney introduces grape dumplings, a favorite dessert among the Chickasaws and neighboring peoples.

Bison Chili

S3 • E3
Chef Steven Looney prepares a hearty family dish utilizing delicious bison meat and traditional Chickasaw ingredients.


S3 • E2
Chickasaw cook Lynie Richardson demonstrates how to make the soup that plays a central role in Chickasaw gatherings.

Three Sisters Stew

S3 • E1
Chef Steven Looney demonstrates how to prepare a healthy and filling vegetarian dish from these Chickasaw staples.

Traditional Foods

S2 • E5
Watch as JoAnn Ellis and Vicki Penner cook osto ashiila', a classic pumpkin soup.

Granola Cookies

S2 • E3
Adding mashed bananas in place of butter is an easy way to make a healthy choice — and you won't even notice the difference!

Turkey Taco Soup

S1 • E8
Whether you choose to use turkey in this taco soup or would rather substitute another meat, just make sure you choose a package labeled "lean."

Mighty Meatballs

S1 • E7
These homemade meatballs are perfect as an addition to whole wheat spaghetti or spaghetti squash but are just as delicious on their own.

Kickin' Chicken Quesadillas

S1 • E6
Plain Greek yogurt and cream cheese turn these chicken quesadillas into a creamy, tangy meal.

Jalapeño Poppers

S1 • E5
These spicy-yet-creamy jalapeño poppers are sure to be the hit of your next tailgate or dinner party!

Fresh Salsa with Baked Chips

S1 • E4
You're going to hesitate returning to the store-bought variety once you've made your own chips and salsa!

Parmesan Kale Salad

S1 • E3
With just a few ingredients, this quick and easy salad makes a great addition to a main course or is plenty filling by itself.