The Jurisdiction of the Lighthorse Police

Thomas John

Lighthorse Police Force works in cooperation with federal, state and local police to fight and prevent crime. Though the overlap of jurisdiction ensures that each case will have the most appropriate law enforcement unit assigned to it, it also forms a complicated web that can at first be difficult for civilians to understand.


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The History of the Lighthorse Police

Thomas John
Before statehood, when this was Indian Territory, officers of the law would ride alone or with a partner and were known for their mobility.

The Three Main Bureaus of the Lighthorse Police Department

Thomas John
There are three main bureaus within the Lighthorse Police.

The Lighthorse Police

Thomas John
The Lighthorse Police is a part of the Division of Self-Governance to help create separation in the realms of law enforcement.

The Organizational Structure of Lighthorse Police

Thomas John
The Chickasaw Territory covers thirteen Oklahoma counties and more than 7,600 square miles.

A Compact Establishes Lighthorse Police

Jason O'Neal
Prior to 2004, law enforcement on Chickasaw land had been federally funded through the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The Lighthorse Police Standard

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief
The Lighthorse Police Department is extremely selective when it comes to hiring new officers.