The Lighthorse Police Standard

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief

With receiving more than 100 candidates per open position, the Lighthorse Police Department is extremely selective when it comes to hiring new officers. After a rigorous testing program, one of the most important characteristics in new recruits is integrity. Candidates who demonstrate a moral character and ability to serve the Chickasaw Nation with integrity rise to the top of the field. Learn more from Jason O'Neal, former Lighthorse Police Chief and current Deputy Assistant Director for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


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The Jurisdiction of the Lighthorse Police

Thomas John
Lighthorse Police Force works in cooperation with federal, state and local police to fight and prevent crime.

Lighthorse Police: Jeremy Spradlin and K9 Unit

K9 Officer
Kaya, Officer Spradlin's German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix, is his most valuable tool on the job.

The Lighthorse Patrol Division

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief
The 16 uniformed patrolmen of the Lighthorse Police Department are divided into three precincts in Chickasaw Territory.

The "Lighthorsemen"

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief
More than 100 years ago, Native American patrollers like Harry Lee got the nickname "lighthorsemen" because they, and their horses, were so swift.

The Lighthorse Communications Division

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief
In the past, an answering service was used to field calls to officials from the public.

Progressive Lighthorse Police Department

Jason O'Neal
The Lighthorse Police Department has a historical name ... and it has all the modern tools of law enforcement.

Lighthorse Police Youth Academy: Learning about Law Enforcement

The Chickasaw Nation
The Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Academy hosts the Lighthorse Police Youth Academy.